One Arm Side Cable Laterals


  • This movement is only possible with a cable which is attached at the ground level. If there is no access to this piece of equipment, please use a dumbbell.
  • In a standing position, knees slightly bent; grasp the handle to the cable with your hand which is opposite to the handle's origin. Place the other hand on the the machine for balance or on your hip.
  • Carefully, with your elbow locked at a slight angle, lift in an arc with your arm straight to your side. Once your hand, elbow and shoulder are in line, pause for a second.
  • Next, lower the weight back to the starting position.


  • This is an excellent movement for isolating the side deltoids. Once again, DO NOT swing the weight up It is important to note that since you are using a cable, there is constant tension on the muscle.. so perform the exercise slowly.
Primary muscles Lateral delts
Secondary muscles Trapezius Anterior delts