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  • A change of goals

    Well, as the heading states, it is time to change my workouts some as I am leaning toward maximum fat burn and quality of muscle now. So, here is my first installment, dreaded leg day. I did not even do squats today as you may notice. Legs... ...
    by: bb1fit on: 2003/10/08
  • Day 3

    Another day past, one day at a time, Diet went well, they had pizza at work last night and I chose to eat the dinner that I had bought to work, It was Hard it looked so good, they had wings too, I passed on them also. Total calorie intake for the ...
    by: sandysford on: 2007/05/31
  • Workout B3 - Fat Loss II

    Start: 7:43am Finish: 8:35am Warm Up: Three minutes on the Concept II - 668m/143W/39 cals/Level 7 SS: Snatch Grip DL: 95/125/155x10 T-Pushup: 10x2/5lbsx10 --------- SS: Bulg Split Squat w/OH Press: 10x10x3 UH Lat Pulldown: 60/8...
    by: yadmit on: 2007/05/31
  • Day 30 Workout

    Feeling good today. I've been quite busy today with my father's birthday and Christmas baking. I'll try to make time for at least one exercise but hopefully I do them all. Day 30 Workouts are: * 3 Mile Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone * 20min. ...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/08
  • Reboot: Week 4

    13Aug: First day of the last week of the "Just muscle-workout", work-out. Chest and upper back this morning. Feeling good. Looking forward to a great week.
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/08/13
  • 4/10 Monday Back Biceps

    Gym was crazy busy - and way too hot and muggy. Didn't help that I ate a big roast beef dinner before heading out (doh) Did not complete my entire workout but I have one positive point: Deadlifts: 10x125, 10x135!!, 10x135!!, 8x135 Mutt - I did i...
    by: I_Am-aZon on: 2004/01/14
  • shoulders -calves

    4 sets seated db press 4 sets standing front raises 4 sets standing lateral side raises 30 min cardio (elipticle) in am, 50k (31 miles) cycling on the trail.
    by: Carivan on: 2004/09/28
  • Back to cycle 1

    Legs and calves, started cycle 1 again. Change cycles every 2 weeks. Legs Leg Presses(feet low and close) (warmup)...230x10,410x6 Sets...500x10,590x8,590x10,610x6 Leg presses(feet high and wide) Sets...610x10,610x10,610x10 Leg press...
    by: bb1fit on: 2004/01/11
  • Back/Shoulders

    Well, back on track!! Lost 1 more lb., great. A small adjustment in diet and back in the saddle. I would venture to guess myself at about 8% bf right now, looking in less than 10 weeks to be at 5% tops.(would like to be less and beat my best). ...
    by: bb1fit on: 2004/01/08
  • Life is Great

    Well guys on New Years day I reached my goal of being under 200. I weighed in at 199 and I am so very happy. Now this makes a total loss of 256 pounds. Can you believe it. 2003 God blessed me so much in my life and 2004 is even going to be bet...
    by: Lynhira on: 2004/01/02
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