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  • Day 44 Workout

    Today's exercises for Day 44 are: * 3 Mile Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone * Inversion Table hanging for a few minutes * 20min. Yoga for beginners w/ Rodney Yee Keeping it simple for a little while until I get back in the habit again. I'm...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/22
  • dissapointed

    Hi everyone, I am so dissapointed because I thought 40 pounds was a good goal to set for myself then I looked up the ideal weight for my age and height and it said I needed to lose more. I am trying to keep up my motivation and still do my workout...
    by: newme2love on: 2013/02/25
  • Day 26 Workout

    I'm really struggling to do my workouts daily. I feel so negative and it's getting harder to beat these feelings. I don't know if I'll do today's workout... if I do, this will be the exercises for day 26. Today's Workouts: *60min. 3 or 4 mil...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/04
  • Motivation needed.

    I am at the bottom of the barrel. January brings my worst time and my seasonal disorder. I have everything I need to get moving however my couch wins 99% of the time. Anyone else feel this way? With the cold weather I always find an excuse to ...
    by: slecleir on: 2017/01/05
  • Am I not getting anywhere??

    I range from weighing 126 to 128 and can never seem to lose anything. Because I am only 5'2 everything goes to my thighs and bulges in my stomach. I need help getting an workout routine and lately I just have felt more depressed than ever about my...
    by: treberha on: 2012/02/08
  • help me!!!!!!

    i am feeling really down i have for months i can't stand how i look anymore. i just started todaty and i don't even know where to start!!!! i need help or just someone to talk to i feel so alone in this and it's hard i've lost all of my movtavie ...
    by: MizzMarcia21 on: 2012/05/02
  • I wish it were easy

    firstly I'm new to this program.  I was feeling very upset today. I woke up this morning and checked my weight and I could not believe it! 88kg! That is waaaay too much! and not only that I have to flu today and told my doctor that I am trying t...
    by: soulqueen90 on: 2012/09/13
  • Day 32 Workout

    Today's exercises are: * 3 Mile Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone * 20min. Yoga for beginners w/ Rodney Yee * Inversion Table hanging for a few minutes * 15min. Daily Definition "Upper Body" w/ Jaime Brenkus and hopefully... 10-30min. Mindf...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/10
  • Being Fat

    I have been 213 pounds since 2008, cant loose weight and have no motivation from friends and family.  My goal is 160 pounds and I am going to do this the healthy way.Ive tried many plans and they have not worked.  I want to be down to a size 10 an...
    by: MzPuccio on: 2012/01/01
  • Day 2 Workout... not going so well!

    Today not feeling well, so I'm not feeling up to working out either. Skipping Day 2 Workout... hopefully be up to working out on Day 3.
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/11/10
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