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Day 2 Workout... not going so well!

Posted on: 2012/11/10, 03:13 PM by: Monica11082012
Today not feeling well, so I'm not feeling up to working out either. Skipping Day 2 Workout... hopefully be up to working out on Day 3.


  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/11
    Thanks Mistresssp86! I'll keep that in mind when I'm having one of those moments.
  • Mistressp86 Mistressp86 2012/11/11
    be careful. Skipping one workout because you are feeling down isnt bad but if you are like many one day may turn into a few or even wks. :( hope you feel better and keep your head up:D
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/11
    Feeling better today to do Day 3 workout.