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Posted on: 2013/02/25, 08:12 PM by: newme2love
Hi everyone, I am so dissapointed because I thought 40 pounds was a good goal to set for myself then I looked up the ideal weight for my age and height and it said I needed to lose more. I am trying to keep up my motivation and still do my workouts. I walked a mile and 3 quarters today so I would not get more down for doing nothing. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I can only hope my scale is wrong and it is not sa much as it said. (It has been unreliable before).


  • newme2love newme2love 2013/03/06
    thank You My kids have kept me motivated and been my training helpers through my exercises. I wont give up on myself!!
  • wisep17 wisep17 2013/03/02
    Keep working towards that 40 pounds. When you acheive it there is always time to re-assess. At the moment a 40 pound loss is a great and acheivable target. Stick at it.
  • newme2love newme2love 2013/02/26
    Thank You, reading that made me down but I am determined to keep at it I see a difference in myself already I know it is going to take time.
  • jasmine.shirts jasmine.shirts 2013/02/25
    Just remember that the ideal weight is just a general guideline. You are your ideal weight when you feel good about yourself. Keep up the good work.