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  • 1st Workout!!!

    Well I just figured out I'm lol well I already knew it but I am very out of shape. I did what I could and it's nice to workout again I need to get it together really bad. I really want to lose this weight so I need to work harder. I need a good ca...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/04/24
  • need help

    hi i am a new member i really need some help to work out a diet plan.I do not eat vegtables or some salads.but i do like if anyone out there who doesnt eat veggies but have a diet plan they could share with me please i would like to hear ...
    by: donnawood on: 2012/02/18
  • Day 5

    Terrible! Quad killed me and went right back to bad habits. I will do better tomorrw. If I can't workout, I can still eat healthy. Enough is enough.
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/28
  • Unfortunate

    So, I have to put off this whole thing until Monday. I gave myself a massive asthma attack yesterday, so unfortunately.. my lungs still hate me at the moment. Will pick it back up on Monday. Promise.
    by: Rhiss on: 2012/02/10

    I sit with 3 other women & 2 of them are pregnant & eat allllllll day long... How am I suppose to focus when all I see is jumk food next to me & behind me it's everywhere & don't get me started on our office kitchen full of nothing but cookies & c...
    by: tiffanyrosado on: 2012/01/06
  • lose weight

    how i lose weight?????????????????
    by: Nayaab on: 2012/09/19
  • urrrg

    I have tried many diets and exercise programs and so far nothing has worked. I tried to my full potentional and no results. Does this actually work?
    by: dloblein on: 2012/01/26
  • Wish me Luck!!!!

    Well, day 1.....watching what I eat, set up an exercise room, bought a stationary bike, downloaded some tunes, ready to go.  Now, where do I start.  I am 34 years old, 290 lbs.  I have quit smoking for 3 mos and now I'm adding a new challenge.  I ...
    by: justwantrum on: 2012/01/02
  • Its not a crime to want to be in shape!

    a healthy pregnancy provides a healthy baby, common sense right? apparently not when it comes to the girl with an overexcercise addiction and an overprotective husband. He flips when i go up & down the stairs too much-like sweet dude then do your ...
    by: schmidtgirl28 on: 2012/03/01
  • hello i'm new!

    Hello i'm new to this website... would anyone mind giving me some pointers? I read you can get custom meal plans /exercise routines.... not sure where to go? Help please? (: thank you!
    by: [Former member] on: 2013/04/11
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