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I Cried... :(

Posted on: 2012/05/03, 11:37 PM by: sboo26
I went out and bought a scale. I havent been weighed in about 2 years. i bought one that had the weight capacity of 380lbs... i stepped on excited to see how much i weigh'd. it said E. E!. ok, mistake. step off and step on again. E.... E..... E!! OMG. that just hurt my heart. e.....so i cried. i didnt kno it was this bad. my heart skips a beat errytime i think about it. God... I need another scale.


  • Aiswel Aiswel 2012/05/04
    :( i hate scales! its not the only way to document your weight loss though! You can take pictures of yourself starting or measure yourself! DONT LET THIS GET YOU DOWN! Let it motivate you to keep going, turn every negative into a positive! xo