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new years resolution

Posted on: 2011/12/31, 08:45 PM by: chelle56
Hi as you no my name is chelle,and in the last year ive gone from being a small size 8 to a 12-14 and i hate myself becos of all this excess weight.iv got 2 children 1 aged 5 and the other 3 and im wanting to do some study in 2012,therefore im gunna have to make time for it all.I dont no if this is what im suposed to be writing in here,but here goes,i weigh 75kg and want to get back down to 45- 50kg im short i think5ft 2. so enyone that can help me put an exercise and eating plan together i would be grateful.
Thanks Chelle


  • Cermakovia Cermakovia 2011/12/31
    I sent you a message, click on the little brown bubble on the top with the number in it to see massages and friend requests etc.