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  • Myself

    I’m a competitive swimmer, very self conscious of my legs and hips, I workout regularly but hide myself in big jumpers I never feel good enough and I feel down about it all the time
    by: Swimmergal2002 on: 2018/01/03
  • Time for a change

    Hello all well Iam new to this not to sure what to say not very confident lol I weigh around 72kg last time I stepped on the scales, Iam 173cm in height and yea never set foot into a gym in my life so I have no idea what to do or where to start an...
    by: Walker96 on: 2017/07/31
  • 30 day challenge: Day 1

    So I've been a bit lazy the last week but I'm back because I promised myself that the 1st day of this month I will be starting my 30 day challenge. Just to change it up a bit. It's quite simple. Just 2 exercised each day to tone your body, they ca...
    by: kattyfigs on: 2014/04/30
  • Ughh

    I stumbled through an hour workout today. I have lost all motivation. I was doing great but was dedicating the majority of my morning to myself and I think it started weighing on me. I think I felt like there was more important things I could of b...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/25
  • Nutrition

    Dont know which protien to choose.
    by: JaspreetDhillon on: 2016/02/03
  • HELP!!!

    I am new to putting myself first.  I have 2 children I am raising and before the passing of my parents, I was caring for them as well.  I also have a very demanding, stressful job that takes up a lot of my time.  I know I am not the only one with ...
    by: cregan on: 2015/10/27
  • Really Sore

    yesterday I was sore all day, and today I am still sore. The important thing is that I am exercising. I know that if I want to change I have to do this. I do my exercises and then I go to work and sit in a chair all day. I park my car at the very ...
    by: glendasuedirks on: 2015/09/16
  • Fired

    Hi everyone! I am sad to report I lost my job. The good news is I can get back to focusing on exercise with all this time off. I am still unwilling to give up sugar and soda pop, such as pepsi and coca cola. I just do not understand why this is...
    by: glendasuedirks on: 2015/10/01
  • How I Got Here

    I am here because I am lazy, inactive, and sedentary. Also I don’t watch what I eat at all and haven’t all my life along with that I put off exercising every time I could possibly get a few minutes in to spare even when I was aware I was over 300 ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2014/03/16
  • Whoops.

    So I had a really bad week and fell off the wagon; I got into a cycle of "oops, I've eaten too much for a fasting day, that's alright I'll start again tomorrow"... and the next several tomorrows after that. Similarly I'd forgotten my pushups and f...
    by: [Former member] on: 2013/10/22
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