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  • battlingeating healthier

    tonight i start the new me, eating more healthier. 2 Chicken fajitas with raw onions. 1 handfull of new potatoes with olive spread. a good portion of broccoli, green beans and peas, with black pepper. that is possibly a little more tha...
    by: tammycat-123 on: 2012/05/21
  • Sick

    Sick as  a dog. Think one of my co-workers spread the cooties around. Came home and medicated then crashed. Hated not going to the gym but I just wasn't feeling it. Gonna have to make up this day on my day off later in the week. Can't let sickness...
    by: ciejae3 on: 2014/01/20
  • too easy :(

    Had to take it easy today, feel a bit like a caged tiger! Off to my gp tomorrow i hope he has good news and i will be running again really soon!! like, really, really soon!! for now i just have to settle for walking and heaps of push ups crunches ...
    by: Teensy on: 2012/02/29
  • Week one

    My excercise today was 45 mins cardio, which involved treadmill sprint bursts and walking on incline, bike, cross trainer, and back to treadmill.   Diet - I don't eat a lot due to my gluten free diet and lactose free diet.  Makes me very sick, bu...
    by: shhmone on: 2014/04/07
  • HELP

    Hi Ladies and Gents,           Im struggling to get on board here. I've been told by my doctor that i must loose weight for my health.  i have a partner that works away alot so depression eating is a massive problem.  it is either eating to much ...
    by: GemDaisy on: 2014/05/28
  • 30 day challenge: Day 4

    I had a head cold today so I didn't really feel like doing the challenge but I heard that if the sickness is above the shoulders you should still exercise. So here goes day 4. 200 crunches. When I saw that my eyes popped. I could manage 100 cru...
    by: kattyfigs on: 2014/05/04
  • 11/27/12

    20 minutes of stairs in the morning. 50 minute cardio max biggest loser video. I donated blood so I did an easier workout. Felt like I was working a lot harder than usual.
    by: jasmine.shirts on: 2012/11/28
  • Day 8 Workout

    Trying to keep with the flow of working out daily but these darn negative thoughts are trying to convince and discourage me from reaching my goals... Gah! I must and I will overcome these yucky thoughts and feelings from within! Today's daily w...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/11/16
  • hi everyone

    Hi everyone im new to this. Just got dumped by my bf and feeling really down. Ive gained 50 lbs in two years and think what a better time is now to start taking care of me.. Any suggestions on motivations. I eat soooo much dugar and addicted to...
    by: sarahmax on: 2012/05/20
  • Day 3

    I'm kinda dissappointed I think i'm driving myself crazy with the weigh in and worrying about losing weight. I feel pretty horrible when i'm like around everyone in my family and they all get to eat anything they want and i'm stuck eating all heal...
    by: NoavaJane on: 2012/04/27
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