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Belly fat

Posted on: 2018/04/16, 09:31 AM by: Gerimac61
I'm 56yrs I go to gym twice a week weightlifting and body strength. How do I burn belly fat ? Quickly. What is the best cardo programme to follow? How long should I spend doing cardo 30mins or a hour a day?


  • Jac48 Jac48 2018/04/16
    You lose belly fat the same way you lose any fat, eating correctly and making sure you are burning more than you take in. Belly fat can be tough, especially getting to the point you want to see those stomach muscles. It can be very difficult to get to 8% body fat which is what you really need if you are trying to show off a nice set of abs. There is no best cardio program to lose said belly fat. Clean healthy eating with the right portions is what you need. Cardio will help but it ultimately comes down to proper diet.