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Exercise Plan

Posted on: 2015/04/13, 03:30 AM by: azlaaan
Heyyii Guys. I just joined FreeTrainers.com

I am a slim 22 years old guy, nearing my graduation. I need advice and motivations to start an exercise plan according to my body. I'm highly slim, and has a weight of 59kg on 6'1". Arms are long as stick.
Though, I haven't done a regular gym before. I need a trainer who can guide me with this to build up my body.

Your help will be appreciated. Thank you


  • baydragyn baydragyn 2015/05/20
    Hey azlaaan, we all have to start somewhere so don't worry about not doing gym before. Try find a friend to join you and you can learn together and keep each other going. I was skinny as a reed when I started at 19, and picked up 20kg in just under 4months. your body is amazing and will cope well with almost anything you throw at it. The best part is your brain loves it when you exercise, turbo charge your body and mind