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  • Being Fat

    I have been 213 pounds since 2008, cant loose weight and have no motivation from friends and family.  My goal is 160 pounds and I am going to do this the healthy way.Ive tried many plans and they have not worked.  I want to be down to a size 10 an...
    by: MzPuccio on: 2012/01/01
  • Getting Motivated

    so here it goes day 1 and I am so scared , of starting this weight loss journy again . It is hard one specially since I am alone in this besides I did this to myself alone . So I have to put an end to it alone onece again  this time I will strive ...
    by: r8terbabe on: 2018/06/18
  • help me!!!!!!

    i am feeling really down i have for months i can't stand how i look anymore. i just started todaty and i don't even know where to start!!!! i need help or just someone to talk to i feel so alone in this and it's hard i've lost all of my movtavie ...
    by: MizzMarcia21 on: 2012/05/02
  • Week one

    My excercise today was 45 mins cardio, which involved treadmill sprint bursts and walking on incline, bike, cross trainer, and back to treadmill.   Diet - I don't eat a lot due to my gluten free diet and lactose free diet.  Makes me very sick, bu...
    by: shhmone on: 2014/04/07
  • Feeling Really bad about my looks.

    so i was watching videos of ppls weight loss journeys. One girl caught my attention because what i was seeing was me!. she looked exactly like me(well not exactly, but body shape and all.) she was telling  her story and begin to talk about skin pr...
    by: sboo26 on: 2012/05/02
  • Wish me Luck!!!!

    Well, day 1.....watching what I eat, set up an exercise room, bought a stationary bike, downloaded some tunes, ready to go.  Now, where do I start.  I am 34 years old, 290 lbs.  I have quit smoking for 3 mos and now I'm adding a new challenge.  I ...
    by: justwantrum on: 2012/01/02
  • Day 5

    Terrible! Quad killed me and went right back to bad habits. I will do better tomorrw. If I can't workout, I can still eat healthy. Enough is enough.
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/28
  • urrrg

    I have tried many diets and exercise programs and so far nothing has worked. I tried to my full potentional and no results. Does this actually work?
    by: dloblein on: 2012/01/26
  • hi everyone

    Hi everyone im new to this. Just got dumped by my bf and feeling really down. Ive gained 50 lbs in two years and think what a better time is now to start taking care of me.. Any suggestions on motivations. I eat soooo much dugar and addicted to...
    by: sarahmax on: 2012/05/20
  • Losing weight

    Hi, I am 16 and want to lose weight. I have struggled with weight issues since second grade when I got sick. I HATE how I look and have very bad self - esteem issues because of it. I am 5'5 and now 195 as of yesterday. I don't look like it at all ...
    by: bvbgirl4ever16 on: 2018/08/11
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