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Day 1

Posted on: 2018/07/25, 01:43 AM by: RonanCullen
Okay Ronan
Today is the first day of you growing up and becoming a much more productive person in every stretch. it is the 25th of July 2018 and you are home one day from Canada. You need to sort your life out and excercise is going to become a part of this, today you are not overly satisfied with your physical appearance and youre still hurting from losing Lauren to what were your own childish notions. Today is the last day where you are going to feel like shite, youve been up since 3am and got a few pieces done and watch sparrows fly in the sun. Enjoy that and keep that mindset everyday. 
Remember the shame and sadness youve felt, remember the feeling of how lauren looked down on you in so many ways. Remember that feeling and use it every morning to get up and have your cold shower and better yourself. 
appreciate all that you have, your family, your friends and the fantastic country youre able to call home.
now stop reading this and get out of the house even just for a drive, run, wind, sun or shine.


  • Seendaddy Seendaddy 2018/07/28
    Good luck Ronan🍀 Whatever the reasons might be, just do it👍🏾! Sean