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  • urrrg

    I have tried many diets and exercise programs and so far nothing has worked. I tried to my full potentional and no results. Does this actually work?
    by: dloblein on: 2012/01/26
  • I need help.

    i'm having serious problems! I want to excercise and I have the motivation, but on the food side, I just can't catch a break. I mean I won't lie, I love my food, but I want to lose weight, desperately, I feel horrible, and that's not a nice feelin...
    by: Phrydferth on: 2012/07/25
  • lose weight

    how i lose weight?????????????????
    by: Nayaab on: 2012/09/19
  • Week one

    My excercise today was 45 mins cardio, which involved treadmill sprint bursts and walking on incline, bike, cross trainer, and back to treadmill.   Diet - I don't eat a lot due to my gluten free diet and lactose free diet.  Makes me very sick, bu...
    by: shhmone on: 2014/04/07
  • Day 5

    Terrible! Quad killed me and went right back to bad habits. I will do better tomorrw. If I can't workout, I can still eat healthy. Enough is enough.
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/28
  • need help

    hi i am a new member i really need some help to work out a diet plan.I do not eat vegtables or some salads.but i do like if anyone out there who doesnt eat veggies but have a diet plan they could share with me please i would like to hear ...
    by: donnawood on: 2012/02/18
  • battlingeating healthier

    tonight i start the new me, eating more healthier. 2 Chicken fajitas with raw onions. 1 handfull of new potatoes with olive spread. a good portion of broccoli, green beans and peas, with black pepper. that is possibly a little more tha...
    by: tammycat-123 on: 2012/05/21
  • ready for a new year

    its been a long time since ive excersized felt like i couldnt bc of my asthma, and the more wight i gained the less motivated i feel i am a home body and need too lose weigh i need motivation my goal is too los 50/60 lbs this year and keep it off ...
    by: julia30 on: 2012/01/14
  • new years resolution

    , Hi as you no my name is chelle,and in the last year ive gone from being a small size 8 to a 12-14 and i hate myself becos of all this excess weight.iv got 2 children 1 aged 5 and the other 3 and im wanting to do some study in 2012,therefore im...
    by: chelle56 on: 2011/12/31
  • how to reduce 10 kgs fast

    plz guide me, i want to reduce my weight fast in1-2 month,,,,,,,,,,,,, i want to reduce hips, thighs, chest, arms, lower abs,,,,,,,,,, plz help me ,,,,,,,,,,,,, i hav treadmill at home,,,,, tell me how to work on it ,,,,,,,,tell me other home  exe...
    by: harjeetkaur on: 2012/01/24
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