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help me!!!!!!

Posted on: 2012/05/02, 10:30 PM by: MizzMarcia21
i am feeling really down i have for months i can't stand how i look anymore. i just started todaty and i don't even know where to start!!!! i need help or just someone to talk to i feel so alone in this and it's hard i've lost all of my movtavie and my hopes. how do to change my lifestyle and eating habits when i have been this way for 19 years. i want to be healthy and feel great about myself and looks. i want to be small and not get out of breathe when i'm doing something and not eat all the time just because i am board i start college soon and i want to be ready for that and be bale to make friends with out being judged for how i look and not made fun i want to be that girl everybody loves and thinks is really pretty ): I NEED HELP OR JUST A FRIEND!!!!!


  • James_M James_M 2012/05/04
    You just need to start like gannon said with small steps ..Start cutting back with how much you eat...and don't eat as late..Try walking for a bit each day and then gradually increase the distance and pace..I love this site because it give you the workouts to do even if your just beginning..So the main key is to get started and be positive..You can do it!! When you start feeling lazy and start making up reasons to stop tell yourself NO EXCUSES and just do it..You will feel so much better after your walks and workouts but you have to make the effort and motivation becomes easier when you start feeling the results
  • gannon31 gannon31 2012/05/03
    Just take baby steps....I started using kinect games on the xbox, to try and get myself back in routine. It was fun and easy, it gives you goals to achieve at whatever level you want to start from.
  • pepsigrrll pepsigrrll 2012/05/02
    Hi. I'm sorry for what you are going through, but admire that you are reaching out. Would you like to be my workout buddy and keep each other on track? Have a good night and hope to hear from you soon. :)