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Getting Motivated

Posted on: 2018/06/18, 02:04 PM by: r8terbabe
so here it goes day 1 and I am so scared , of starting this weight loss journy again . It is hard one specially since I am alone in this besides I did this to myself alone . So I have to put an end to it alone onece again  this time I will strive to keep myself  from falling and failing. How do i get past telling friends and family no I cannot eat what you have cooked or ordering unhealthy foods when out to eat . Making the right choices for eating in public hase been a hard one for me . I get from friends all the time you only live once so eat what you like and be happy we dont care how you look . But thats just it I do care how I look and the weght I am in it will cause me to start having long term health problems which have already started . I need to keep motivated and right now I feel pumped . I have to tell myself and others NO ! when it comes to eating unhealthy so if this means I will get hurtful comments I have to ignore them and keep my head up . This time I will try not to FAIL!  Right know I have so much on my mind  that I could keep writing it all down ,but for I will save it for another day . Trying to keep myself motived .


  • r8terbabe r8terbabe 2018/07/19
    Well YES I did it again let some one else bring me down and I hate myself for it .I haven't gained or lost any weight I dont know why I let this happen every time! I just started a new job and hoping that I can find my way back to getting my self motivated again . I stay away from the junk foods and drinks . I try to eat healthy even when every one else in the family is eating fast food . Exercise is my worst enemy OMG MY FAMILY JUST WALKED IN WITH 3 LARGE PIZZA`S OK going to my room !
  • Seendaddy Seendaddy 2018/07/10
    Hey there 👋🏾...I came across your intro and clicked on your profile. I'm really interested in how your journey is going. Any update? Seems like you have a lot on your plate but I hope that you are able to find and keep your motivation to do something for YOU! Good luck 🤞🏾🍀
  • EliLinx EliLinx 2018/06/24
    You live only once, so be healthy and do cool stuff in life. We eat to be alive, we are not living to eat :) Tell your friends that you want to be healthy, you don't want to die young due to junk food and a toxic body... a lot of people do. I too had the same problem with my friend... she is still making fun of me for eating like I do... but the difference is that I have become healthier while she has gained a few pounds. Also, my father didn't like my decision to become a vegetarian (I was) but I had done my research and explained to him that It is actually healthy and I want to try. He didn't believe me but he got used to it, and all the lectures are forgotten. Don't listen. Stand up for yourself, get angry, make a point, show them an example of healthy living. They are your friends and family and even if they will protest, they will deal with it eventually and won't bother you anymore. You can. Sorry for the grammar, not my first language ;]