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Hi I'm Reddy, I live in Texas & have two boys with autism. I work part time during the school year. I get very little support for losing weight from people around me since they need to lose more than I do & comment on that fact everytime.Hubby is doing great on encouraging me now, he is working too which is great

If you care to get ahold of me ReddyRd5 at Gmail dot com will get me.

Goals and motivation

I want to get down to 120 lbs which is about 15lbs for me to lose. I would like to tone up my arms & lose my tummy.

I have started over on the program - my newest goal is to complete the program & get stronger.

Next goal is to do 2 pull ups without help. I lost 10 lbs but gained it back - starting "diet" again - I need to stick too it & relax more.

Fit wall

  • James47 James47 2012/02/14
    Motivation, Start with you and the people you surround yourself to support you though the task at hand . I will be their for each and everyone to keep you self forcus on obtaining your goals of a healthier and strong you. In 2012 we can do it together one and all.
  • TexasJulie TexasJulie 2006/12/07
    Thanks Reddy!! I live in Wichita Falls where my husband is stationed with the Air Force. We just moved here from Abilene about a year ago! Thanks for the advice about the 'nervous in the gym thing'. I really appreciate the super helpful folks on this board!!
  • lepimlad lepimlad 2005/05/07
    hello from Belgrade - Serbia and Montenegro
  • Vedakathryn Vedakathryn 2005/01/25
    You have been blessed with your children and it is so good that you are able to be at home with them, make time for yourself, always, because you not only deserve it but you need it. Here is a site that may help: http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/irca/SocialLeisure/exercisetp.html <BR>You have the support right in front of you, your kids, for your health is what keeps you around for them now and in the future! Good luck with your goals and keep posting!
  • brandyjames brandyjames 2004/12/30
    Reddy, thanks for the comment! That's awesome that you have almost reached your goal! Keep up the good work! You can do it! <BR>~Brandy~
  • rickyshot rickyshot 2004/12/28
    Reddy. Thank you for the kind words. Turning 50 this year was a milestone for me. You look great too. When I was your age, I was out of shape and not living well from health problems, poverty etc. I am originally from Atlanta, live now in Montreal. Nice to meet another Southerner. Two children with autism. My God you are incredible.
  • enoc enoc 2004/03/13
    IS THIS SYSTEM WORKING FOR YOU? <BR>E-MAIL ME AT enoc@freetrainers.com
  • Ogun Ogun 2004/02/12
    Reddy, anybody ever tell you that you resemble somebody famous? Good luck in your program
  • enoc enoc 2004/02/12
  • Ace_55 Ace_55 2004/01/16
    Keep with it, if ive learned anything from working out, it is that they only way to get to where you want to be is with time, stay focused and best of luck 2 you!!!
  • itjit itjit 2004/01/15
    Good luck Reddy, Thanks for the comment. I now have a goal :). There appears to be a lot of support on this site, so stay strong!
  • Carivan Carivan 2003/12/12
    Don't let others stop you from reaching your goal. <BR>Keep up the good hard work! Stay positive and you will be on top.
  • rpacheco rpacheco 2003/12/12
    You're very welcome! Please don't hesitate to ask anything...we are here to help you and others succeed!
  • Jdelts Jdelts 2003/12/12
    Good luck Reddy and tell your boys I said hello.