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I wish it were easy

Posted on: 2012/09/13, 05:43 AM by: soulqueen90
firstly I'm new to this program. 
I was feeling very upset today. I woke up this morning and checked my weight and I could not believe it!
88kg! That is waaaay too much! and not only that I have to flu today and told my doctor that I am trying to lose weight and was told that it would be difficult 'cause of my mum's genes and my heart just sank I mean I KNOW that its difficult I know it is and I've always known that. My friend even tells me that too. so does my mum!

And I feel I need to rant about this. It really, really upsets me when I get told that its too hard. I am so sick and tired of being told that sure weightloss is a challenging thing but I find that when I'm told its difficult it just helps to DE-motivate me! Its really not fair how i get told that it makes me feel really bad about my self and sometimes I feel like I lose hope instead of weight! this is so ridiculous. It really hurts that I was not gifted with a fast metabolism not only do I gain weight easily, I get TOLD that its difficult. I feel like I need some serious help becuase it is soooooo effing useless when I get told that. I mean I thought genes play a minor roll when comes to weight! so yeah I am literally upset right now I really am I am like tearing up right now.
bottom line it makes things very hard when people say its hard.

For years and years I have been on and off trying to lose this stubborn weight. sometimes I was successful but most of the time I wasn't. my weight never stays the same sometimes it high sometimes its low.

the problem for me is not only being told that its hard its also becuase I crash and eat junk food when it comes to special occassions or just one little nibble of some unhealthy thing wether its chocolate or chips cookies or cake.

I have always felt terrible about my weight ever since I was 12 I was never overweight all my life it was only up until my late teens that I became overweight.

anyway sorry that this a long and depressing Flog but I was just so upset that felt like letting this out
I have had a terrible day today.


  • soulqueen90 soulqueen90 2012/09/24
    Thanks to all for the advice. Just to let you guys know I have not given up any hope and lately I have been avoiding all the nasty sugary and fatty snacks and of course I am drinking heaps of water and fitting in some exercise I will share what I have been doing in another flog I have calmed down I am not upset at the moment but really I was just having a bad day when I wrote that flog but all is good I am doing ok and am noticing some results.
  • greenarrow13 greenarrow13 2012/09/23
    Misspanda is 100% right. I'm not going to lie to you, weightloss is not easy. But nothing good in life is ever easy. It's good to let all your fears and anxieties out. Don't try to change too quickly. Maybe you first reduce your sugary drinks, start drinking more water, fruit juice (no added sugar), etc. Then maybe instead of grabbing a cookie, grab some fruit. They're simple changes, but you need to adapt to them. Too many people try to change too much, too fast, and that's just asking for failure. Find healthy food that tastes good to you, if you don't like spinach, then don't eat it just because it's healthy. Once again, doomed to go back to unhealthy eating. I know it's hard not to be naturally thin, but thin people aren't always healthy! I could go on and on, but the point is keep working at it and you'll change your life forever (not just a few months). If you have any questions or just need to vent, message me. Good luck on your journey!
  • Misspanda Misspanda 2012/09/16
    They tell you it will be difficult but not impossible! Get out of that it's useless mindset. Are you useless? No! You made the first step by coming here, you wrote that blog. You can do this and for the first 12 weeks it will be hard and at times you will put yourself down, you will think of people who have put you down to and when that happens stop and think. No i'm not useless, i'm making this change for me and i will stick through this till the end. I was told it will be very hard to get my weight down and maintain it. But i won't let it stop me. Keep at it for 12 weeks and don't give up. If you weigh yourself after 2 weeks and have only lost a little. Who cares, you've lost a little and that's something! As for self control it will happen so long as you remember you can do this! I believe you can. Just don't give up. Only weigh yourself once every 2 weeks and in the morning after you've been to the toilet.