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I am 41, I have been heavy all my life. I started to train many years ago, while I have made a fair amount of progress I still have a lot of bodyfat I seem to never loose. I enjoy working out as a means of stress relief as well as for the health benefits. I have 3 growing Boys!

Goals and motivation

I started in 94 able to press less then 95 lbs. My best exercise are shrugs(635x20), deadlifts(485x1). I really want to loose 60 lbs and get leaner. UPDATE!!!!! Shrugs 445x 10 reps,

Wow update time as of sept 8 2006 I will undergo gstric bypass surgery.

IT is OCT 2 2006. Almost a month since i had the surgery. I have lost 42lbs so far. I feel great and will update as needed.

Fit wall

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  • Ravenbeauty Ravenbeauty 2021/10/22
    Miss you Mutt, i cant believe its been 5 years that youre gone. <3
  • Ravenbeauty Ravenbeauty 2018/02/05
    Scott, my heart is broken hearing of your passing. I hadnt hears from you in a bit, so i decided to check your Facebook page and read of your passing. There were so many more conversations we needed to have. So many words left unsaid, but we had a great friendship and i will treasure all our funny and heart smiling moments. Love and miss you my Muttster.
  • Ravenbeauty Ravenbeauty 2012/01/04
    Well hello there bruddah
  • jeiteves jeiteves 2010/11/09
    keep it up! having a fit bod is one of your greatest achievements in your life! i know i can achieve my goals too. thanx!
  • kellybabexx kellybabexx 2010/06/22
    come on bbe howz u <BR><3 where did u come frm bbe <3
    thanks for your comment i wish you well on your journey, we all know its a process, i have 3 chihuahua's. talk soon
  • contrywine contrywine 2009/04/07
    I am new on this but I wanted to say great Job Mutt it has been about 10yrs since I have been in the gym. you know the story married, kids, work, but I see your drive and it is Motto. Thanks!
  • 7707mutt 7707mutt 2008/07/26
    that is far away.....mile wise....what type of comp is it? <BR>
  • wrestler125 wrestler125 2008/07/24
    There's a contest in November in Plymouth MI. I'll have all the equipment to train the events in Roch in Sept, you in?
  • jnellie jnellie 2008/04/20
  • jnellie jnellie 2008/04/13
    How are you doing dude you probaly dont remember me
  • mattld mattld 2008/01/09
    hey i lefted pretty intencely monday and took tuesday off. Still kinda sore today. would it benefit me to go ahead and lift today or just give my muscles more time to rest? also i run 1 mile before and after i work out. Is that ok or should i back off on the running? <BR> <BR>peace
  • JGMagoo JGMagoo 2007/12/14
    Hi 7707, I have a constructive suggestion to improve FREE TRAINER's printable daily workout sheets that I take with me to the gym....Make a small picture or 'stick-figure' showing basically what the exercise looks like next to the name of the exercise. I think this would definitely help beginners like me that many times can't remember exactly what the exercise looks like by the time I get to the gym and can't check the description on the computer. I draw these 'stick-figures' myself, and sometimes add a comment like, "overhand grip", or "pause 2-seconds", etc. <BR> <BR>Just a suggestion. <BR> <BR>JGMNagoo
  • birdee162001 birdee162001 2007/12/10
    Hello. I have a question about my personal fitness program.....I want to lose tummy weigh, but my plan only has pushups, side laterals, chins between chairs, can curls, dips behind back, home squats, and calf raises....can i add crunches????
  • kim_ann kim_ann 2007/11/25
    Hello. I kinda need help figuring this site out for some reason I keep trying to put in my info into the personal info and goals and it will not let me, it keeps coming up with null, how do I fix this and put in my info? And also if you can help me....why when I try to chat with someone or click send a private message it asks me to retype my login and password then it takes me off their profile and to God only knows where. Thanks for any help!!!! <BR>Sincerely, your friend confused
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