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Day 26 Workout

Posted on: 2012/12/04, 03:28 PM by: Monica11082012
I'm really struggling to do my workouts daily. I feel so negative and it's getting harder to beat these feelings. I don't know if I'll do today's workout... if I do, this will be the exercises for day 26.

Today's Workouts:

*60min. 3 or 4 mile Super Challenge Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone
*20min. Yoga for beginners w/ Rodney Yee (((Maybe)))
*Inversion Table hanging for a few minutes


30 minutes of Mindful Meditation would be good for me!

Can I and will I accompolish this today??  =s


  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/12/04
    20min. Yoga done! =D
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/12/04
    Yessss!! I did the 60min. 4mile Power Walk and I hung upside down for a few minutes on the Inversion Table. Feels so good doing that! I am so proud of myself for not quitting on today's workout. **Pats on back** Going to do my 20min. Yoga stretch and hopeful get in that "Mindful Meditation" as well. All have a good night... and have bright and happy Wednesday Fitness Day! =D
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/12/04
    "If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up." ~ Unknown
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/12/04
    Going to get started right now and do the first workout on my list. No more excuses and no more listening to those negative procrastinating thoughts! I've taken 4 days off already and that is setting me up to quit and fail this weightloss goal of mine. No more...gonna get started! =D