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  • Down 1 lb..... 11 more to go!

    Did 30 minutes of sprints today. 5 minute walking warm up, 3 minute running at 8 minute mile and then 1 - 1.5 minute sprints ranging from 7 - 6.3 minute miles w/ a 1 - 1.5 minute cool down until I reached 30 minutes. Extremely hungry this morning....
    by: triciakent on: 2003/12/17
  • Day 6 mass

    Shoulders and legs Barbell sh press 135x8 145x9 155x8 (for some reason the bar kept drifting on me and hitting the pegs on the rack) Lat raises 30x10 35x10 40x10 Rear raises 25x10 30x10 35x10 shrugs 225x10 275x10 315x10 365x10 405x10 455x9 ...
    by: 7707mutt on: 2003/11/30
  • Day 2 mass

    Squats 135x10 225x10 245x8 265x7 SLDL 135x10 185x8 leg press (number of plates listed only)3x10 6x8 7x8 Plate loaded ham string culr 90x10 100x10 115x10 Leg ext 80x12 120x10 130x10 150x10 BBcurls 75x10 85x10 95x10 105x5 Db curls 25x10 30x10...
    by: 7707mutt on: 2003/11/21
  • Finishing up the week(last bodypart)

    Well, today all I had left to do was triceps for the week. So, I had my breakfast and went in and really hit them. This is what I did... Triceps... I did power rack extensions, that is using the power rack with the spotters just lower than t...
    by: bb1fit on: 2003/09/30
  • Yaaaay... I think

    So I finally got started. I am glad I did it and very proud of myself HOWEVER I realized just out of shape I am this morning, lol. Man. I remember running 1.5 miles in abt 14 min... Jeez. Oh well. Time to improve and move forward. :-)
    by: jazzy9181 on: 2012/03/06
  • Day 2

    It's day 2 already, obviously no visible difference but I feel like I have more energy, getting up this morning was easier and when the rain came on earlier when I was outside I ran home (not far, was already walking) without thinking I was going ...
    by: amyjaneagain on: 2012/01/04
  • I'm Finally Ready

    So here I am, 20 years of age and finally ready to admit to myself that yes I AM OBESE, and instead of being sad about it I am going to do something about it. I have spent 15 years out of my 20 being overweight, trying fad diets and always failing...
    by: Aiswel on: 2012/04/30
  • Expect change: Week 7

    18 June, 278lbs. Yeah, its becoming more and more evident that i NEED to start looking for some asstsance in the form of a fat burner to help. Oh well, not feeling too bad. In 6 weeks, Ive lost 12 pounds.
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/06/18
  • Welcome!

    Welcome everybody to the new Training Logs! Not only can you log your progress on a daily basis, but people can read them and comment on them! Please note, only FreeTrainers Professional members can make log entries, however, ...
    by: Adrian on: 2003/09/23
  • Day 21 Workout

    Today's workouts: *60min. The Next Challenge Workout with weights w/ Cindy and Radu *20m. Yoga for beginners w/ Rodney Yee *Inversion Table hang upside down for a few minutes *Mindful Meditation 10-30 minutes later on, or this evening. ...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/11/29
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