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  • Body Fit Wanna Be

    HI, I had 3 memberships on a gym. The first two only lasted for less than a month with non-consecutive days of working out. Yes that's true! I currently enrolled myself on a gym 2 days ago with i guess much desire to get fit, but, trying so har...
    by: cranddy on: 2019/03/27
  • upping my workout

    It may not seem like much, but today I swam 150 yards. For those who are not avid swimmers, it may sound like a lot, but it is only 6 lengths of the pool (25 Yds x 6 times) I used to be able to do 500 and my goal is 1500. I love to swim. I have a ...
    by: awheatl1 on: 2019/03/29
  • both and

    Today I swam 200 yards. And it was finally warm enough to wear a spring dress. I was given a challenge this week. I use the word "but" a lot and tend to think in black and white. The challenge is to use both and and instead of but. for example, I ...
    by: awheatl1 on: 2019/03/30
  • Day 6

    another great workout! I feel like I might have accidently skipped over a few exercises but I think that's okay. I think I've got my diet figured out  now and I'm even more excited for what's next. :)
    by: LindseyG24 on: 2019/03/30
  • Day 1 Leg Day

    10 minute warmup crosstrainer 3 sets crunches 15 reps 3 sets leg raises 15 reps 3 sets barbell squats 15 reps 3 sets leg extense machine 15 reps 3 sets leg curl machine 15 reps 3 sets machine crunches 15 reps
    by: 2019ISMYYEAR on: 2019/04/02