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You folks on this board are really a great source of motivation and information. Thanks to all of you.

Goals and motivation

Maintain my muscle mass and get the BF% down around 10%.

Fit wall

  • tenorsaxmandave tenorsaxmandave 2004/03/09
    Yo JDelts! You guys are killin’ me! <BR> <BR>Once again, I’m humbled by your comments. You continue to motivate me to bust my ass even harder in the gym (and at the dinner table!). Therefore, in honor of your next competition, I shall name my other arm “James.”LOL <BR> <BR>TSMD
  • Jdelts Jdelts 2004/03/09
    Well here's one more guy calling your arms pythons...what's the other arm's name? Alright Johnny Coltrane, get big and prosper. JIM
  • tenorsaxmandave tenorsaxmandave 2004/02/19
    Yo Ogun! I assume by "WIND-omorph" you are referring to my rather lengthy (full of wind) posts...LOL <BR> <BR>Hey IO! YO! You certainly know how to make your elders feel good. I have never, in my 42 years, EVER had my arms called "Pythons".LOL For the record, the larger one (named "Steve") is a shade under 18" (sounds better than 17-3/4). I'm certain that the vast majority of that is endomorphic-reticulum (ummm... fat). However, thank you for making my day, and restoring on old fart's motivation! And, no, I did not really name my biceps "Steve". <BR> <BR>TSMD
  • ioioio ioioio 2004/02/19
    Keep up the hard work man, how big are those biceps of yours???? Huge pythons they are. cya around
  • Ogun Ogun 2004/02/18
    You're no endomorph. You're a WINdomorph :)) Onward and Upward :D
  • tenorsaxmandave tenorsaxmandave 2004/01/03
    Oh, go on! Thanks AZ, you're too kind. And right back at ya with the kudos. You have been doing a great job yourself. Regarding the age thing, I would be 43, but I was sick for 2 years. Anyway, age is just a number. I play up the over-40 thing to give da Muttster something to poke fun at... and to keep the Over-40 forum from growing cobwebs. Actually, I feel like I'm 20... most of the time, anyway. <BR> <BR>TSMD
  • azredhead57 azredhead57 2004/01/03
    Hey saxman, I just realized you are just a youngsta! I couldn't tell that from the way you talk sometimes. Thanks for all your great tips and words of encouragement. I love reading your posts, they keep me smiling. I think we've both finally got this stuff down and are seeing our hard earned results. Keep up the good work.
  • tenorsaxmandave tenorsaxmandave 2003/06/06
    Thanks, fsimmons! <BR> <BR>Don't worry, no lack of confidence here, just poking a little motivational fun at myself. I really do recognize my successes. Really. In my "other life" I can be a real ham onstage with the band, so I'm just kind of balancing out my life a bit! Swelled muscles are okay, but not a swelled head, right?!LOL <BR> <BR>I appreciate the support that you and everyone here has given me and I thank you guys for helping me to progress. It's very humbling to see that you folks take time to read my posts and give me encouragement. Glad I found this place. <BR> <BR>And I'm glad you enjoyed reading my goals. They were from the heart (with maybe a touch of sarcasm and humor thrown in for fun!). <BR> <BR>Good luck on your goals, fsimmons!
  • fsimmons fsimmons 2003/06/04
    i enjoyed reading your goals. just one word of advice... don't minimize your successes. you've made a lot of strides in the last 2 months! keep up the good hard work!
  • tenorsaxmandave tenorsaxmandave 2003/05/22
    Another Saxman in da house! Thanks for the support, Derik. And best of luck to you on your goals!
  • Carivan Carivan 2003/03/12
    Keep up the good work.