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I'm a graphic artist 5"10, 150 lbs.
August 29/2003 = 140lbs. Goal achieved!!!
January 2004 = 145lbs but no increase in BF% Maintain this weight
BMI 21.5

February 2013 - Wow, 9 years later and I have gained 20 lbs from the last number :( Never stopped working out, but obviously not eating as well as I should. Time to bump up the workouts and make them a little more brutal!

February 2014 - 154 lbs. More muscle mass than when I started here 11 yrs ago. Goal would be to lose 5 lbs fat without losing the muscle. I intend to do this by May 1st. :)

Goals and motivation

Get back to my 2004 weight/BMI

Fit wall

  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/29
    j.turner.ctr@gmail.com , Welcome to the FreeTrainers.com
  • BodyofSteel BodyofSteel 2005/04/27
    welll id be happy to help you weith lowering b, or anything best of luck... cute kid :D
  • BodyofSteel BodyofSteel 2005/04/05
    WOw all i can say is if you would like any advice at all or help email me at zfighter__04@hotmail.com, i think my profile link is profiles.yahoo.com/beast_goku if it dont work email me ill send link
  • jandreeff jandreeff 2005/03/18
    You look fantastic! You seem like the type of person who will acheive Your goals. Good luck with Your program.
  • I_Am-aZon I_Am-aZon 2004/02/04
    Thanks kalibryn - I will check on it
  • kalibyrn kalibyrn 2004/01/18
    I caught your question in the GNC discussion thread regarding suppliment suppliers to Canada. I use a company called Sports Nutrition Depot in Ontario, I'm in Calgary. The website is www.sndcanada.com. The prices are good, any email questions I have had have been answered, and they have free shipping on orders over $100 cdn. Good luck
  • Firehawk734 Firehawk734 2003/12/12
    Im not playin, you are a MILF lol
  • richardjst richardjst 2003/07/02
    You're a milf...just playin...Good Luck with the challenge.
  • I_Am-aZon I_Am-aZon 2003/04/29
    Thanks peoples!! - just wait until October when Mutts challenge is complete - I hope I can post some totally excellent pics by then!
  • jnellie jnellie 2003/04/28
    looking great
  • Carivan Carivan 2003/04/26
    Keep Going Azon! Nice Pics. <BR>
  • Kalanchoe Kalanchoe 2003/04/26
    Great new pics! Keep up the great work! <BR> <BR>xx
  • I_Am-aZon I_Am-aZon 2003/04/13
    She was born in May 2000 :)
  • jnellie jnellie 2003/03/15
    what a cute lttle baby...how old ....