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This is my way of life. I practice what I preach. and try to help others achieve their best and reach their goals, whatever they may be. I compete in the masters class in bodybuilding contests, and have over the years learned the best and shortest routes to achieving fitness through nutrition and training, and proper supplementation. I do so enjoy this sport/lifestyle, I think it is the greatest, it is a healthy way of life, a complete lifestyle. I enjoy the aspect of learning something new all the time, and helping others achieve their goals.

To note, I am now 64 yrs. old. Though I am obviously no lonnger a bodybuilder, I STILL hit the gym a minimum of 4 times per week. I still love and live the aspect of a strong, healthy life. I believe my exercise and dietary principles have guided me to wonderful health. I would like to help folks reach the goals they aspire to, thus my contributions to this site. Being one who has lived the gamut so to speak, actually competing in bodybuilding to just wanting to live a long and healthy life, I feel I can inject many do's and don'ts. Good luck to all out there trying to reach goals in health, no matter what it is.

Goals and motivation

New fitness and personal goals are to as always maintain health and fitness level, be proactive in my approach as always. My stepdaughter is now married off, and our plans to make the move out of state to Colorado are in full swing. This will negate me doing any contests this year, as the move takes priority. My gym time will not suffer though in any way, just will not be able to compete this year. Have done a nice bulk because of it, and gained a solid amount of lbm.

Fit wall

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  • Jac48 Jac48 2018/07/30
    BB1, I still find myself going back and rereading many of your posts from the past years on FT, I want to thank you for all the knowledge you poured out into the forums. I see your no longer competing but hope the best to you as you continue hitting the gym. Hoping when I'm in my mid 60's I'm still keeping active.
  • amna912 amna912 2011/04/15
    hi this is amna.. i am 60 kg 5.7" feet n wana reduse 10 kg... i am drinking 6liters of water daily, doing walking, n few ab, arm n thigh excercises at home.... but i recently heard that if we loose wgiht our breast will reduce i dont want that :(.... will my walking n excercise reduce my breast? i some times use 2kg dumble for my arms... please help me
  • jamilette328 jamilette328 2011/02/19
    Can someone tell me hw to delete plzzzzzz
  • bbluerose bbluerose 2011/02/08
    Come on!!! You can't be 61.
  • neileaque neileaque 2010/11/13
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  • neileaque neileaque 2010/11/13
    Wow you look superb in picture.What a muscle?Really I like fitting person. <BR>=== <BR><a href="http://www.trainwithmeonline.com/programs.asp" rel="dofollow">Workout Routines</a>
  • MsTee.7 MsTee.7 2010/04/07
    you look great
  • sindhuraj sindhuraj 2009/06/02
    i am a mother of a single child. i had been always overweight till this 31yrs. today i look obese. i am an indian. so when ever i think of diet the greatest problem is i am not used with foriegn foods. can u help me how to switch on to a low carb diet? provided with the indian menu.
  • [Former member] 2009/05/03
    Good physique.... i want to have the same physique when im in my 50s.... i hope i have the determination .... thanks
  • drtassos drtassos 2008/12/21
    I have a couple of questions. <BR>I'm 37yo. I've been working out on my own at the gym for 17 years. Just keeping it lean. I have an extremely busy schedule so my body goes from "ok" during the winter to "quite good" during the Spring/Summer when i increase my intensity and frequency of workouts. I only take protein but tried out last Spring (for 3 cycles; 2weeks on then 2 weeks off) M1-T and it had incredible results. I decided to only use it 1-2 cycles prior to my summer holidays and the rest of the year i just work out with some protein powder. <BR>Here's my question. I'm planning on using it again in May/June to prepare for my Summer July holidays. I'll be using it 3 weeks on and then 2 weeks off for a couple of cycles (it works very fast on me). I don't know anything of PCT. Can i use Arimatest during the "off time"? Or should i be using it at the same time. <BR>By the way, when i used M1T i used it with Milk Thistle. <BR>Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate your response.
  • MsSexyMama MsSexyMama 2008/07/18
    Great picture, it gives me more convidence that I know I can do it. All I need was some encouragement... I use to be into the sport since I was 17 until the birth of my fourth child and since then its been so chaotic for me over the years and havent been able to focus on what I truly loved doing. You have gave me great inspiration... now at 48 I know I can get my life back on track. Thanks
  • Marlie_12 Marlie_12 2008/07/08
    Yea u look terrific i iuv older men!!! get at me im dominican republic hope u like a little color PAPI!!
  • bb1fit bb1fit 2008/04/28
    Normally I do not reply anything to these comments, but koya, great to hear your love and desire for the sport. Not to mention as you are finding out the numerous health benefits, a very cheap long term insurance policy. I am glad I could inspire you, comments like yours makes it worth my while.
  • koya1893 koya1893 2008/04/03
    bb1fit. As I was growing up in the Pacific Northwest in the early 80's body building was sky rocketing and we still had hearoes to look up to and consider them our roll model. I wanted to do something so I did not look like some kid that weight all of 90lbs. soak and wet. I started to lift weights. Till this days specially when I lift my "Dart 16" which it the sail boat my daughter and I are sitting in one of the photo in my profile. I ask myself. Will I be doing this at 60 or maybe even at 70 year old. When I am at the gym and headed to a seperate rack of weights (100+ rack) I ask my self the same question. <BR> <BR>Having joined this site and finding your here SIR gave me inspiration that I will be doing this when I am 60 and even at 70. Thank you for you determination be a roll model for this old guy. I thought of bodybuilding while I was going to college and still think about it. this days my time is spent trying to spread the idea to that living is enjoying everything you desire and not let your physical status prevent you from doing that and trying to educate the general public about fit lifestyle.
  • JGMagoo JGMagoo 2007/12/14
    I have a constructive suggestion to improve FREE TRAINER's printable daily workout sheets. I think it would help beginners like me, as I many times have difficulty in remembering what each excercise actually is by the time I get to the gym....Make a small 'stick-figure' or 'picture' beside each excercise name describing what the exercise looks like. I draw these myself and sometimes add a note like "overhand grip", or "pause 2-seconds", etc. This definitely helps when I get to the gym and can't check the descriptions on my computer. <BR> <BR>Just a suggestion. <BR> <BR>JGMagoo
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