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  • mini workout

    Last night spent 45 min of non stop snow shoveling. Then did 7 sets of biceps in my base ment: EZ curl 60x10 75x10 90x10 Dumbbell curls 30x12 30x10 Barbell curls 80x10 100x10 Highlights: all my clothes are fitting loser (go figure no real ...
    by: 7707mutt on: 2004/01/28
  • My first day of a new me

    Today is the first day of the rest of my new life. Working hard to losw the rest of the 120 pounds i have left to lose. It will not be easy but i know that I can.
    by: jackie1964 on: 2014/05/30
  • Day 20 Workout

    Today's workouts: *60min. The Next Challenge Workout with weights w/ Cindy and Radu *20min. Yoga for beginners w/ Rodney Yee *Inversion Table upside down hanging for a few minutes and later on this evening... hopefully will do some Mind...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/11/28
  • Day 28 Workout

    Today's Workouts are: * 3 mile Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone * Yoga for beginners w/ Rodney Yee * Inversion Table hanging for a few minutes * 15min. Daily Definition "Legs" w/ Jaime Brenkus and *10-30mins. Mindful Meditation Fe...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/06
  • Reboot: Week 1

    Got in a full streatch for the Morning. 3 sets (25 count) bi-cep curls, shoulder press, tricep press and crunches. Only got in about 20 minutes worth of walking in during work-day. Afternoon at home: Full streatch, 2 sets (25 count) crunches, shou...
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/07/23
  • Biceps/Triceps/Forearms/Abs

    Great arm workout today, next to last on my second cycle. Next week training methods shift a bit, 8 weeks out from competition. No more forced reps or anything fancy, just heavy hard work to failure with good form. With calories getting to be at a...
    by: bb1fit on: 2004/01/15
  • Chest/Abs/Back

    Hard to get moving this morning, but I did... Pullovers (Ez Bar) 10x75 10x85 10x90 10x95 Incline Flyes 12x30 12x40 12x50 Incline Dbl Presses 12x55 12x65 10x75 7x85 Flat Bench Flyes 12x40 12x50 12x60 Dbl Press Flat Bench 12x65 10x75 8x8...
    by: fryer91 on: 2004/09/28
  • Bicdps/Triceps/Forearms

    Arm day as noted, turned out to be a good one. Fantastic bicep and tricep pump. Different angles, great burn. Biceps Alternating dumbbell curls(standing, strict, rep range of 12,10,8,12 (warmup)....25x10,25x6 Sets...40x8,40x10,45x8,30x12 ...
    by: bb1fit on: 2004/01/04
  • Ouch

    It's a good thing I planned for this time off! I totaled my truck few days ago after being in a pretty decent accident, and ended up dislocating my right ankle as well!........ UGH!!!! I'm hoping things will be a little more back in line onc...
    by: rev8ball on: 2003/10/30
  • Thursday – Legs and Delts

    Thursday – Legs and Delts Legs and Delts Thursday Oct 9, 2003 (Week 2) 5:30am to 6:30am (60 minutes) 140x10 150x10 150x10 140x10 Lat Pulldowns 150x10 150x10 150x10 150x10 Seated Cable Rows 055x10 055x10 055x10 055x10 DB Rows 040x10 04...
    by: tenorsaxmandave on: 2003/10/09
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