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Time to get busy.

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  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/28
    Congratulations, j.turner.ctr@gmail.com <BR>
  • BEOWT2 BEOWT2 2008/05/25
    Wow, you look wonderful,, Keep up the good work
  • c9527h3mr4 c9527h3mr4 2005/01/21
    I just joined tonight and was browsing around. I came across your picture and cannot believe my eyes!! Congratulations and good luck in the future keeping it off!! You look fantastic and should be extremely proud of yourself!! You are and have been blessed by God!!
  • puresnowchic puresnowchic 2005/01/07
    I thought those pics were of 2 different people!!! No way!!! You look absolutly amazing!!!! And you look 18!!!! At the very least I can say I am impressed!
  • jonathanweaver jonathanweaver 2004/08/23
    I second what howdiekat said! Wow! I think you beat everybody on the Dr. Phil show too! Congrats!
  • howdiekat howdiekat 2004/07/06
    good lord you look amazing. your profile can't be right...there is no way you are 40. way to go on your weightloss. i'm impressed.
  • neov3 neov3 2004/04/02
    well done you are looking great, i wish you all the best for the futer
  • jink jink 2004/02/25
    Hey girl you look great keep up the good work
  • Ogun Ogun 2004/02/11
    Unbelievable conquest!!! Keep up the good work!!
  • nerraw nerraw 2003/12/17
    WOW... <BR>I just checked out your profile and am totally impressed. Well Done, but I guess no matter how much praise you get, you must just love yourself right now, you are an inspiration.
  • starbell starbell 2003/12/10
    Way to go on the incedible goal you set for yourself. You look fantastic.
  • [Former member] 2003/12/10
    you look incredible. Girl High Five on the progress. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BE HEALTHY :) WELCOME
  • jefado jefado 2003/05/13
    :o) Congrats! You lost about 1 1/2 of me <smile> As I said before "A super impressive feat for a super pretty person" <BR>Take care
  • sypress sypress 2003/05/13
    I just want to say again Congrats! You have come a long way! You are on the road to sucess kepp up the great work! Good luck on your goals!
  • Carivan Carivan 2003/05/12
    Congratulations on the loss and good luck in reaching your goal. <BR>Very good inspiration for others. Keep up the great work.