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  • Any Yoga Enthusiasts? Need help here...

    Many times... I've motivated myself to do Yoga but I seem to give up on it so quickly. I like it but I'm having a hard time staying motivated doing it everyday. I want to add it to my daily routine because I know it's good for the mind and body. ...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/11/11
  • Venting as an Instructor

    Good God.  I want to preface this by saying I like to have a fun time and I hope I bring that to the classes I teach.  Keeping things lighthearted and fun is what I hope to do to continue having people return to my classes. But sometimes I lose...
    by: yadmit on: 2012/05/23
  • Fed & Watered

    11.11.13 Here is what I ate and drank today. I didn't really want to post this because I know people will want to comment about what I should eat. I know this is only to help me but I literally had about $40 for food for 2 people for this week,...
    by: Seireness on: 2013/11/12
  • Day 3, 4

    Ok, I knew the lack of nutrition would kick in, and it is. Let's see... Day 3 (Sat) Slept late. So sore from 1st at home workout and late night heavy meal. Did have a nice WOG though, definitely improving, but my nutrition sucked and I knew it wo...
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/26
  • Blah

    What a bummer!  I had a pretty disappointing workout today.  For one thing, I had to rush to get home to a sick baby.  That said, I had a workout, disappointing or otherwise.  That's better than what I was doing 2 months ago!  Even a disappointing...
    by: heraldstorm on: 2012/02/29
  • dissapointed

    Hi everyone, I am so dissapointed because I thought 40 pounds was a good goal to set for myself then I looked up the ideal weight for my age and height and it said I needed to lose more. I am trying to keep up my motivation and still do my workout...
    by: newme2love on: 2013/02/25
  • Day 26 Workout

    I'm really struggling to do my workouts daily. I feel so negative and it's getting harder to beat these feelings. I don't know if I'll do today's workout... if I do, this will be the exercises for day 26. Today's Workouts: *60min. 3 or 4 mil...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/04
  • And then I ate 4 biscuits

    So today was going great I went for my morning walk and have eaten so well, then I got home and had my dinner then my mother started shouting at me so I made a latte and ate 4 biscuits. WHY!! I regret it now but they were weight watcher ones so ho...
    by: Aiswel on: 2012/05/01
  • I'm Finally Ready

    So here I am, 20 years of age and finally ready to admit to myself that yes I AM OBESE, and instead of being sad about it I am going to do something about it. I have spent 15 years out of my 20 being overweight, trying fad diets and always failing...
    by: Aiswel on: 2012/04/30
  • Motivation needed.

    I am at the bottom of the barrel. January brings my worst time and my seasonal disorder. I have everything I need to get moving however my couch wins 99% of the time. Anyone else feel this way? With the cold weather I always find an excuse to ...
    by: slecleir on: 2017/01/05
  • Am I not getting anywhere??

    I range from weighing 126 to 128 and can never seem to lose anything. Because I am only 5'2 everything goes to my thighs and bulges in my stomach. I need help getting an workout routine and lately I just have felt more depressed than ever about my...
    by: treberha on: 2012/02/08
  • H.O.L.Y. F------

    Well, this has been one of the most painful few days of my life. I don't recall ever having things hurt this bad before. Saturday and Sunday were really bad and I managed to track down a chiropractor. He did a few odds and ends and seemed to st...
    by: yadmit on: 2012/02/28
  • I wish it were easy

    firstly I'm new to this program.  I was feeling very upset today. I woke up this morning and checked my weight and I could not believe it! 88kg! That is waaaay too much! and not only that I have to flu today and told my doctor that I am trying t...
    by: soulqueen90 on: 2012/09/13
  • The First Day (:

    This is the first day of me trying to exercise (: I have a 3 week old daughter, and 50 - 60 pounds to lose ! My goal of 110-120 pounds will take a while to accomplish, but i know i can do it! I won't ever give up, i want to be healthy not only fo...
    by: april.j.searles on: 2012/01/09
  • OMG

    The awful realization that I weigh more than my hubby.  That's motivation enough for me to get off my @$$ and get to the gym!!!   Abs and back today!!
    by: Natsu2 on: 2012/06/12
  • Day 2: AM

    20m Run After dreading this morning and hitting the snooze button for OVER an hour, finally got up and did my 20 minutes. The first 2-3 were tough with the achilles cursing me pretty good, but then settled in really well. Not too bad after a lo...
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/24
  • Help! :)

    So this is my first time using this site and I'm having trouble with the nutrition section! I'm unable to get into the meal plans or even my meal plans? is everyone's like this because it says it was being fixed or something! help please :)
    by: mandykavanagh29 on: 2013/07/24
  • Being Fat

    I have been 213 pounds since 2008, cant loose weight and have no motivation from friends and family.  My goal is 160 pounds and I am going to do this the healthy way.Ive tried many plans and they have not worked.  I want to be down to a size 10 an...
    by: MzPuccio on: 2012/01/01
  • Day 2 Workout... not going so well!

    Today not feeling well, so I'm not feeling up to working out either. Skipping Day 2 Workout... hopefully be up to working out on Day 3.
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/11/10
  • Gym Equipment

    Since the gym that I am working out at has limited equipment, it is quite annoying when I already setup the 10lbs plates on those machines that I will be using on my routine and then somebody else will replace them with heavier plates because it i...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/14
  • sick

    Past two days i have been sick but only missed one day of working out proud of that but another thing thats going on is im craving a chocolate donut so badly. So what I've decided to do is every time i think of donuts i do ten push ups or sit ups ...
    by: vflores16 on: 2013/02/01
  • Day 30 Workout

    Feeling good today. I've been quite busy today with my father's birthday and Christmas baking. I'll try to make time for at least one exercise but hopefully I do them all. Day 30 Workouts are: * 3 Mile Power Walk w/ Leslie Sansone * 20min. ...
    by: Monica11082012 on: 2012/12/08
  • Im really sore

    I am in alot of pain. Does anyone know how to relive pain from working out? My boyfriend is tired of rubing my sore areas... I really want to workout but simple movements hurt even. It took me forever to do my hair and makeup because my arms hurt ...
    by: VictoriousLette on: 2012/11/01
  • Reboot: Week 4

    13Aug: First day of the last week of the "Just muscle-workout", work-out. Chest and upper back this morning. Feeling good. Looking forward to a great week.
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/08/13
  • boredom hunger

    Feeling weird and prety sad cause when im bored i eat lol its a problem and after i eat i feel sick!!:(  plus if im not eating when im bored im sleeping GREAT!!:/
    by: peta.felila on: 2012/04/22
  • And so it starts...

    So for the last few months or so after a rather hard period; which started with the loss of my mother; I have just been sitting on my backside complaining about getting more and more unfit.  So last night I had a moment of clarity...I have to do s...
    by: Chorkzseb on: 2018/05/09
  • 3 WEEKS

    It has been 3 weeks since i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Jada (: and i have lost 31 pounds since then also !! im so happy ! this means i have only 30 pounds left to lose.                      #GREAT MOOD !
    by: april.j.searles on: 2012/01/11
  • Here I go

    So this is the day.I did my little bit of exercise.Don't feel like I did much.So going to put on a zumba cd & burn off more calories.But I have started and I think thats the first step.
    by: skye1610 on: 2012/01/26
  • day one

    i just signed up for a million differnet diet/excersie websites. I WILL BE SKINNY!! hw: 268 cw: 260 gw: 145
    by: milosmommy on: 2012/02/08
  • Catch Up!

    Okay so I have struggled a lot latley. In the 2013 year I tried and tried to loose weight but I kept gaining. I lost 3 close family members that year. I gained a toatal 130 lbs since that happened. I did good in september. i lost from 375 to 302 b...
    by: FatKristen on: 2014/01/05
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