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boredom hunger

Posted on: 2012/04/22, 04:34 AM by: peta.felila
Feeling weird and prety sad cause when im bored i eat lol its a problem and after i eat i feel sick!!:(  plus if im not eating when im bored im sleeping GREAT!!:/


  • peta.felila peta.felila 2012/04/24
    thanks kizo it does help!!nd rapperja dw everything counts!!thanx
  • Rapperja Rapperja 2012/04/22
    I'm not sure how this works as I'm new, but I just want to say that I understand your feelings 100%. I always eat when I have nothing to do, but I have been trying something new and I drink water instead of eating whatever's in sight!! I hope this helps some!!
  • Kizo Kizo 2012/04/22
    Empty your house of sugar snacks, so that when your bored you are force to snack on something good for you, e.g peaches, apples and other fruits.