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Any Yoga Enthusiasts? Need help here...

Posted on: 2012/11/11, 06:13 PM by: Monica11082012
Many times... I've motivated myself to do Yoga but I seem to give up on it so quickly. I like it but I'm having a hard time staying motivated doing it everyday. I want to add it to my daily routine because I know it's good for the mind and body.

How do you keep motivated?

Which Yoga at home videos do you like working out too?

Which Yoga instructors keep you motivated and wanting more?

Do you prefer doing Yoga at home, or at a gym with other Yoga enthusiasts?

Any tips and advice surely will help... thanks! =)


  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/12
    I've got a yoga video that is set up for 5 days a week for only 20mins. a day. It's also at a beginners level so it's not too difficult to do but still challenging enough to feel it afterwards.
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/12
    Thanks autosparky... great encourangement for me to just do it no matter what or how I feel because the overall good feeling will be worth it. I need to focus on that... how good it's going to make me feel staying committed.
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/12
    I'll look to see what kind of yoga studio/clubs they have in town. Thanks for the tips ioris!
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/12
    Jasmine thank you for the info. on the yoga youtube videos. I'll have to check those out.
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2012/11/12
    Thank you to all of you who replied to my flog. Greatly appreciated! All great help here... thanks again! =)
  • autosparky autosparky 2012/11/12
    I train at a hot yoga studio, been going for 18 months now, what motivated me was “me”. Back pain was killing me Just kept telling myself “can’t keep the body going the way it was-need a life style change. “I MUST DO AT LEAST 3 CLASSES PER WEEK FOR 3 MONTHS” no matter how crap I look or embarrassed I feel – the body can only get better Hang in there like I did, I’m now doing the impossible poses, the wheel – a big back arch, scorpion pose – lying face down and kick your feet above head – huge back bend What’s more important to you?? The old way or new life??
  • jasmine.shirts jasmine.shirts 2012/11/11
    I enjoy doing Tara Stiles yoga on youtube. It is free, the videos are short, and there is a variety for them. Here is a link to one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PgIfOOHwH8&feature=share&list=PLE-hqc05AUmDIrAWmARwlO1PPyy73ut44
  • kolhy kolhy 2012/11/11
    Hi Monica, I'm helpless with yoga unless I take a class :( Yoga at home (or working out for that matter!) doesn't work for me. Too many distractions! Too easy to give up! By paying for and taking a class I've committed myself for that period of time - I just have to show up! Also, there is something to be said about being around like minded people - even if not a word is spoken!! I'm definitely more focused when in the presence of others that are practicing. Having someone lead the yoga session works better for me too. It eliminates the need for me to make it up as I go and thus, avoid losing my focus. This is just me. I know people who focus better at home on their own.