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Posted on: 2013/02/01, 10:05 AM by: vflores16
Past two days i have been sick but only missed one day of working out proud of that but another thing thats going on is im craving a chocolate donut so badly. So what I've decided to do is every time i think of donuts i do ten push ups or sit ups it sorta works!


  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2013/02/01
    If doing push ups is a good substitute then keep doing that. When I get a craving for something presently, I do distract my mind from thinking about it. I like your idea though, I'll have to give that a try.
  • Monica11082012 Monica11082012 2013/02/01
    If this was me, I wouldn't indulge because once you do... you'll get cravings for more. And when you really want something, you'll never just eat half, you'll want to eat all of it. That's my experience anyways. I would substitute it for something still good and that you'll feel okay with having it. There's always choices, so make the right one for your health. Eventually, your craving for a chocolate donut will go away when you feel how healthy you are getting in the mind and body. There are healthier sweets out there to enjoy that won't ruin your new way of healthy eating. Good luck on your fitness journey dear member!
  • RaychelB RaychelB 2013/02/01
    I don't think you should deprive yourself of something you enjoy to eat - especially a chocolate donut! I would suggest eating a smaller portion. That way, you're able to enjoy it without feeling guilty for eating the whole thing.