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Day 2: AM

Posted on: 2012/02/24, 10:16 AM by: tmatteson
20m Run

After dreading this morning and hitting the snooze button for OVER an hour, finally got up and did my 20 minutes. The first 2-3 were tough with the achilles cursing me pretty good, but then settled in really well. Not too bad after a long night of jumping from vb league. Actually ran a few steps...
Got my act together better this morning and packed my snack (yogurt), water, and lunch (3oz chx and 3oz veg). Not so good, coffee for breakfast. Need to get that extra 10m in for eggs... Later today, 1st home workout. I'll check in later tonight. Good luck today!


  • kchuskey kchuskey 2012/02/24
    I have no idea....Let me look, and I'll let ya know. And yes, I am getting pumped! Although I have basketball tourney all weekend for the 3rd and 4th graders I coach. So that is about all I'm thinking about! :)
  • tmatteson tmatteson 2012/02/24
    Thanks Casey. Getting excited to start? Do you know how to delete photos? I posted a photo that I want to delete and can't figure it out.
  • kchuskey kchuskey 2012/02/24
    Great Job Tami! Keep it up! :)