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And so it starts...

Posted on: 2018/05/09, 01:45 PM by: Chorkzseb
So for the last few months or so after a rather hard period; which started with the loss of my mother; I have just been sitting on my backside complaining about getting more and more unfit.  So last night I had a moment of clarity...I have to do something as it wont get better without me actually doing something.  Well I thought to myself I best get myself off to a good start and so I ended up here

Wish me luck...


  • Mrs.Jones32214 Mrs.Jones32214 2018/05/19
    The very best of luck to you. I'm sorry for your loss. It can be so easy to fall into a rut when we experience loss and tough trials in life. I find that the gym is therapeutic and helps but finding the motivation to actually get up and go is the struggle. On April 18th of 2016 I found my why and this fire was lit in my soul. I decided that enough was enough and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. That was the best year of my life and I got into great shape. Once I hit my one year mark that spark started to dwindle and eventually the flame went out, I let loss, stress and negative self talk spiral out of control and here i am out of shape again. All it takes is getting out of my own way again...so here I am. Hoping I can get that spark back and all my muscles. I'm a mother of 4 and I want them to see that passion in me again.
  • Chorkzseb Chorkzseb 2018/05/09
    That sounds great. Could always do with a bit more motivation lol. I have to try cut gluten out too (really hard when you love pastry!) so thats another challenge for me. Last year I managed to do a 26 mile hike in memory of my Mam so I dont suppose I'm as bad as I feel but I definitely need to step it up
  • lisawils lisawils 2018/05/09
    Good luck, i am just starting too.Funny that we can never just wish our weight away. Sorry about your Mom, I'm sure she would applaud your new mind set, stay motivated.My biggest hurdle seems to be chocolate and dessert, my life long love. I'll keep in touch so we can help each other along.