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  • Post-Workout Day 5

    That was rough. I didn't want to start working out, and I didn't want to continue working out once I started. I am tired for some reason. I did skip a few shoulder exercises and a few stretches, and I did lighten the weight on a few. I just had a ...
    by: SouthernHeart on: 2017/05/03
  • Day One- Core/Legs

    Today I went to the gym from 12:15 to about 1:40...not my longest work out. I did all of the exercises except for the calf raises because someone was on the machine for too long. May I'll do them before bed.  The abs were hard for me but having a...
    by: jps2 on: 2017/04/20
  • first time

    My body feels ok.
    by: l8inlackey on: 2017/04/18
  • Day 1 (Intermediate At Home Workout x 2) 25.04.17

    Day 1! Double the workout! 100 % complete!
    by: BlueTigerAzura on: 2017/04/04
  • First Day

    Today i decide to better myself and get back into the gym.
    by: arthurschantz on: 2017/03/16
  • Cardiovascular day

    30 min elliptical Twist machine Back extentions 10 mins treadmil 5 mins recumbent bike
    by: volusia35 on: 2017/02/10
  • Day 11 A Change For The Better In A New Direction

    Sorry I didn't enter my flog on the sixth of the month like usual. But I was very distracted that day. I did my Core, Chest, Triceps and walked 2.7 miles in an hour on the treadmill. Now to day is the eighth of the month today is Core and Legs as ...
    by: Tasheika on: 2017/02/08
  • Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is Day #1 of this new 8 week series for me. My goal is to lose inches, tone, and gain endurance. Flexibility would be great, too. I haven't been in the gym since October - that's 4 months!! A severly sprained ankle, a stressed rotator cuf...
    by: Blonde_40 on: 2017/02/05
  • feeling bad

    I couldn't get to the gym on Monday. But today I walked a mile to the store. Hope to get to the gym tomorrow. Felt tired yesterday and today.
    by: Tasheika on: 2017/01/24
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