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So sleepy

Posted on: 2014/04/15, 01:40 AM by: kattyfigs
I'm so tired I can't even be bothered writing this. So I woke up and went to work for 3.5 hours then afterwards I did laps for 20 minutes. Sometimes working in a pool has it's perks! Although I still wish my hair didn't turn out like straw from the chlorine.

Then I went to the gym

crunches 3x15
twisting crunches 3x15
lying leg kicks 3x15

Shoulders, argh I still hate them so much. I dunno why, I mean I love legs and back and they both hurt however it's a different pain that's different to shoulders and abs. I hate abs too even though I do crunches almost everyday. I did 20 reps, then 16, then 14.

shoulder press
lateral raises
bent over dumbell laterals

Then I did 10 minutes of yoga. Mainly sun salutations. Now time to clean...I want to nap!


  • kattyfigs kattyfigs 2014/04/15
    I would love to do that too! Since I'm working every morning this week, I decided to swim for 20 minutes afterwards. Not today though because I don't have to do cardio. Woo!
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2014/04/15
    When we lived on our boat I swam 3 to 4 miles a day in deep water. I loved it. It was the best exercise in the world. You are iron kiddo.