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  • 2018

    by: [Former member] on: 2018/02/05
  • 15 Jan

    Missed cardio training
    by: Pingustein on: 2018/01/17
  • Cheating already

    Been skimping out on workouts these last couple days because I've had a really bad stomach bug but let's see what tomorrow brings..
    by: Sarahjeanbaby92 on: 2017/12/12
  • Day 2

    Ouch....only halfway today I'm too stiff and sore today can't take the pain...maybe Monday
    by: Sarahjeanbaby92 on: 2017/12/08
  • Begin😉

    I'll work out at 5.00-6.00 if I don't forget😒 I promise myself✌
    by: Nattawan on: 2017/10/25
  • Diet 9 IX 2017

    It wasn't really a good day. I ate: a bowl of white cheese with cucumber 2 slices of crispbread with peanut butter  and jam. a bowl of pasta with red kidney bean, dried tomatoes, olives and passata 3 slices of dry brown bread with butter a KI...
    by: adrwisniewska on: 2017/09/09
  • Exercise 9 IX 2017

    Fit Girls ✔ I cheated a bit, though. Felt tired and not very motivated.
    by: adrwisniewska on: 2017/09/09
  • STarted Exercise today 8/31/17

    My diet & Nutrition could use some work breakfast-Oatmeal with peanut butter raisins & jelly,  snack. crackers,  Lunch. chicken leg Quarter, Dinner. Chicken Leg Quarter, takeing BIO-X4 started- 8/14/17 have lost 5 Lbs , D3, Magnesium 1000 MG, Cent...
    by: Healingmind on: 2017/08/31
  • The beginning

    Height: 5'3" Current Weight: 120.2 Today I start my fitness journey! Being skinny is not the goal, the goal is being healthy, happy, and HOT!  Dairy-free No red meat Little Sugar Here we go!!
    by: ekayreece on: 2017/08/30
  • Day one to end Free 1st FLog

    It's 10pm and it's too late for me to start working out.  I am changing my chedule by one day. Out.
    by: devondotr on: 2017/08/17
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