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  • Overtime is over so starting my new workout program

    So we decided to go from a 10 hour day work week to a nine-hour day work week. This is going to allow me to start actually working out again. Bridget the hours that I work are not the most easy to workout hours however with a little determination ...
    by: Kytten76 on: 2019/01/26
  • Alternative Workout

    30day reistance loop butt challenge on beauty mnl  side lying clam leg lift single leg glute bridge donkey kick fire hydrant set of 8-12reps each. light/medium band
    by: bhess90 on: 2019/01/23
  • Day 3 technically started on the 15th but now is the 16th

    Well for my third day it was heavily raining so I decided to not go running for my cardio workout and decided to dance for 35 minutes. I did level medium and I am feeling some type of effect but not enough and will not be choosing this for my nex...
    by: WendolynG18 on: 2019/01/16
  • Weight Reducing and Muscle Gain

    Fat Body... Loose muscles... 89kgs..
    by: Edzparkster11 on: 2019/01/07
  • New and willing to improve through most means necessary

    Basically you're average 18 year old trying to build muscle, had a rhythm going until I left training completely for 5 months
    by: Elmexicano31 on: 2018/12/21
  • Day 1

    Back to it. 16st 12 starting weight. Aiming to get back down to 14 again
    by: JamesNotts on: 2018/11/03
  • Work Out Goals

    Lose "weight" - really I mean decrease in body fat percent Feel healthy -  I want to feel good about doing things like dancing  Be more confidant - Cause I'm not and I want to be  I wanna fit into the cute clothes
    by: Sarahb00 on: 2018/10/11
  • leg day

    warm up : squats one legged squats on both sides calf raises sumo squats
    by: sophiekerver on: 2018/08/19
  • I need tips for weight loss!!

    I am 15 and I weigh 90 kgs. I don't have a full round tummy but huge thighs..
    by: 21donjon on: 2018/07/29
  • Wired & Tired

    Joining this site to hopefully get a routine going... start a full time job on Monday... first I’ve in 7 years!
    by: moechick on: 2018/07/06
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