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Calories and Macros

Posted on: 2017/07/03, 03:41 AM by: DacotaEMS
So it turns out I'm really good at balancing my macros without having ever even looked. I got an Apple Watch and I'm tracking everything now. My biggest struggle seems to be hitting my caloric intake for the day. My schedule somewhat prevents my ability to eat at regular times, but even with meal prep and regularly cooking, I still se to be missing my target by 550-1050 calories/ day once I calculate my workouts. I'm sure I won't struggle on my days off, but man oh man! How much can a girl eat? Is this really why I'm not losing weight? Is this a drastic number of calories to be missing? I've heard about reverse calories stuff where you essentially max out your calorie intake for the day every day until you slowly start backing off and the weight starts dropping. Damn! Why am I not 120 Lbs then!?