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    So this is going to be my venting spot for me working out and being on my weight loss journey. So let me start off by introducing myself...My name is Razia, but people call me Raz for short. So let me say that I have been on a weight loss journey ...
    by: raziah661 on: 2016/11/29
  • my mission

    ive had subacromial bursitis and have been on light duties at work. i recieved a cortizone injection on tuesday the 7th november and i am at the point where i need to rebuild my strength. i found this website and im giving it a go.
    by: jnrvmqc on: 2016/11/27
  • hey i am new

    My body waight 67 kg  My wish a fit body & best bycep and chest
    by: naved007 on: 2016/09/26
  • Back on the grind!

    Ok, so... after a week away on holiday in the Isle of Wight and feeling rather more round than previously, its time to get back on things. Now im the first to admit i have NO routine at the gym; not a really effective one anyway, so, i thoug...
    by: OzzyCoco1993 on: 2016/09/13
  • Introduction

    I consider myself active and have been for the past four years. In 2012 I was approaching 300 lbs and knew I had to do something! I started by walking short distances with little resistance. Then I started adding longer distances and incorporating...
    by: Ronimal on: 2016/09/05
  • Are you unenergised,unmotivated and down on your body?

    Hi,Im a 34yr old mum of four.My last baby is 3.It wasnt overnight but i do have a figure im proud of and it was a shock for me to learn four six or twelve weeks of diet and excersise is not the amswer.The secret is learning to get out and walk! I...
    by: aweekes34 on: 2016/08/26
  • Starting Out (Again...)

    Okay,  Here I am (again) trying to get on the fitness train.  I've been on and off the band wagon for a while now, but this time I'm truly trying to keep on track, and get ot the gym as frequently as possible, and try to maintain a healthy life...
    by: Meekoss1 on: 2016/08/19
  • first day

    it was that not tha hard
    by: yasermeike on: 2016/07/29
  • Stoked

    Found a reason to get motivated a mth to get myself in some kinda shape again..then keep on it afterwards...Here goes nothing :)
    by: Miggsy on: 2016/04/24
  • I'm Back

    Started a serious lifting program with Free Trainers last January. Great initial results. Felt that I was plateauing so I found other online workouts. I know it is good to change workouts periodically, so I'm back to this site. This is the best wo...
    by: Dlamar on: 2015/12/20
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