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Week 2 of new diet

Posted on: 2012/09/23, 05:28 AM by: Misspanda
Hey guys,

So this is week 2 of my diet plan and this is how it's gone

Today is Sunday.
Starting Weight = 93kgs/ 204.6 lbs
Height = 165cms
Age = 21
Todays Weight = 90.5 kgs/ 199.1 lbs

Total weightloss of = 2.5kgs/ 5.5 lbs

My high point for the week was finding an awesome bulk market that sells fresh veggies in bulk. So i've been able to keep at a $60 per week budget which is amazing.

My low point was my BF teasing me with pizza and chocolate. I didn't give in but it was annoying.

I'll keep posting my new weight each week so good luck everyone!.


  • greenarrow13 greenarrow13 2012/09/23
    Good job so far, 5.5 pounds is a great start! Major props for your strong will! Keep up the good work, and don't get discouraged, you're doing an amazing job.