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  • Day 1 I AM GONNA DIE

    Guess who is extremely aggravated!?!? ME! I just typed up my whole flog entriy and saved it for a second cause I had to do something, and when I came back to it *POOF* GONE!!! Well now I know not to do that ever again... =P Today is a day you shou...
    by: jlaws27 on: 2012/09/24
  • Cant stay motivated!!!!!!!

    So I just had my third miscarriage on the 20th of July. I have been 30 to40lbs overweight for 4 years now. I am only 5feet tall so that much extra weight is alot. For some reason we haven't been able to have a successful pregnancy, that's why I ne...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/07/28
  • Fighting the Old Habits

    07/04/12  3:37 PM Philippine Time So, I haven't gone out and jogged since I last posted my first FLog. I have reset my exercise calendar around five times already. I suck, I suck, I suck. I keep eating even though I'm not hungry. I know and fe...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/07/05
  • hmm :}

    ok so its my first day actualy trying it out and i like it ...but i wish i didnt have to keep coming on iternet remebering what i have to do every time hahahh just trying to get the best results i can wish me luck every one ...and good luck to u a...
    by: Nikkifaye997 on: 2012/06/27
  • Finding motivation

    Didn't work out this morning, too tired and too much to do to get ready for work.  I need a way to motivate myself and feel more energetic.  It's hard to focus on myself with so much going on right now.  Hoping that after the graduation party I wo...
    by: jmarie1 on: 2012/06/11
  • Day 1

    I keep telling myself "tomorrow I will eat better and excercise" and I keep finding excuses to not work out and to eat shitty. I have bouts of determination and I suppose this is one of them but I do feel truely committed. I dont have the money to...
    by: KathyGaliardo on: 2012/05/13
  • Friday the 13th

    First workout day I'm keeping track of. Going for 45-60 mins on the treadmill. Hoping to do 2-4 laps... 1/4 mile is one i think... it's still new to me hehe :) anyways got my new water bottle and everything ready. Ate some toast with jam and an ap...
    by: alana172234 on: 2012/04/13
  • day 1

    day 1 worked last night and I was so tired when I got home. Starving as well but sleep overtook the hunger. Woke up around noon and of course still hungry decided to go walk and then grocery store . On the way there.... KFC called my name 3 chi...
    by: tammylynne10 on: 2012/03/27
  • Life Gets In The Way

    So... I have been slacking on my workout since Wednesday of last week. There has just been so much I need to get done that I havent been waking up early to get my workout in. I can definitely tell that I have been off my game. This week isnt going...
    by: jazzy9181 on: 2012/03/27
  • why continue harming our body?

    I think most of us who are constantly dieting know what we need to do. We know what is bad for our body, we know what our body needs. So why do we do it? Why can't we say no to that soda, candy bar or all-you-can-eat meal? Why can't we stick to a ...
    by: levans3 on: 2012/03/25
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