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  • So far so good

    I started a new meal plan a couple of weeks ago. The first week went well; I had prepped 3/4 of my food, so all I had to do was heat it up. The second week didn't go well, I think becaues I didn't prep my food. Well, I prepped my meat and that was...
    by: on: 2020/10/26
  • Beginning Of Week 3

    So far, so good, I can already notice the differences from working out to this plan. It's pretty amazing if i/m going to be honest, I'm slowly trying to push myself more and more by slowly increasing the weights and sometimes adding on a couple or...
    by: Mo_sz on: 2017/08/07
  • Digestion and Work-Outs

    I've heard that digestion stops when you're working out so its not a good idea to eat before you exercize but we need some fuel to burn and not get weak. What would you recommend? And about how much time does it take to digest boiled egg?
    by: WendyGarmany on: 2017/04/21
  • Digestion and Work-Outs

    I've heard that digestion stops when you're working out so its not a good idea to eat before you exercize but we need some fuel to burn and not get weak. What would you recommend? And about how much time does it take to digest boiled egg?
    by: WendyGarmany on: 2017/04/21
  • 12 week body transformation program

    by: Jayesh95 on: 2017/02/02
  • Meal planning

    Starting a new thing. It's meal planning for ready quick meals while I'm on the go to the gym. Hoping it goes great!
    by: Xav_101 on: 2017/01/05
  • Herbs

    I take many herbs for my health issues. I would rather take them than prescription medicine and the herbs work better without side effects. I also eat gluten-free, low carbs and no red meat
    by: redhawk553 on: 2016/07/21
  • Cardio is not included

    Hi there!, I am very excited to take advantage of the home plan workouts and from what I can tell it is going to be beneficial.  I am wondering why there is no cardio listed in the workout plan.  I do alot of walking and hiking so I will contin...
    by: TFullerton on: 2016/05/16

    Hello World!   My Name is Sarah! I am new to all of this exercise. I never have joined a gym. Well, 2 days ago I joined!! Really Been enjoying it so far! Ive already have lost 13 Lbs with diet alone. Ive been using my fitness pal to track what I...
    by: Recordbeauty on: 2016/05/01

    by: TEKNAS on: 2016/04/04
  • Day Three

    Well, yesterday I didn't do my workout from FreeTrainers.  I did, however, go to our local Fit Club (which I didn't think was going to start until tomorrow) and do the 1st Combat workout.  I was totally stoked.  Got an awesome workout.   Was ad...
    by: on: 2015/01/07
  • Veggie Smoothies

    Yummy xx
    by: Sarahterp on: 2015/01/04
  • Day one

    Today is my first day on this site, and I just finished my training that's on my calendar. Felt very good! I'm not done though, I feel like I can do more so I will look up some more workouts and do then before I finish my day!
    by: Kissyfaceemojii on: 2014/11/16
  • The beginning

    Well, saying goes, "Alls well that ends well", but so does, a motivated beginning leads to a motivated result oriented end.
    by: Puja00 on: 2014/10/15
  • Feelin' Great!

    I did it! The universe has been cooperative today :) Look. I have work at 9pm; went to the gym at 5pm. As I have achieved the 45-second-max rests on my last circuit training, I observed that I can complete the entire routine - including warm...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/09
  • Where's the APP?

    To whom this may concern, I have been very eager to work out these last couple days, especially after I found the site!  I cant wait to get working on my program!  However, I would love to see an App in the works, it would be helpful and a lot ...
    by: JarHead4Lyfe95 on: 2014/09/10
  • Program-Day 1

    Made the best protein shake this morning with my BlenderBottle :  ) I call it Vanilla Orange-Berry Creme Smoothie So, in order.... 8 oz. Simply Orange Pulp Free Orange Juice 1 5.3 oz. container of Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt 1 Scoop Body F...
    by: NatalieKathryn on: 2014/07/08
  • Day 2

    So instead of just going for a walk today, I ran for as far as I could and then walked the rest of the 20 minutes. I wanna try and run 5k in under 20 minutes so I reckon this could be the way to train for that! I did my shopping this morning too a...
    by: MissKTMc on: 2014/06/05
  • Day 1

    May 30 2014 After waking up at 0515 and taking my medications (metformin for PCOS and phentermine-prescribed by my dr) I began day 1 of my journey! While waiting on my sister I cleaned my fridge, did laundry, and walked the dog, followed by br...
    by: candigirl1985 on: 2014/05/31
  • Workout 1

    So I spent most of yesterday pumping myself up for this journey and today I worked out for the first time in months.  I didn't do much, but I built up a sweat and could feel my core working. Afterward I spent about an hour browsing fitness tips to...
    by: Scrogham on: 2014/04/28
  • Lets do it

    Can not belive i found this website! This is exactly what i needed. I am still young and i have alot of time to improve my body. I am not just doing this to look better for my girlfriend and family but i am ready to be healthier over all. I play f...
    by: Ashley_jr on: 2014/04/18
  • 4/10/14

    Diet is golden, adjusted to taking in less than 1800 calories per day. Weening off high sodium meals, even Pot Belly's salads.  Fruits/yogurt for breakfast Chicken Salads for lunch Fish/Chicken for dinner Reached 179.8 today! So the 180 barr...
    by: foust130 on: 2014/04/10
  • Just created profile

    Trying to get eating in order and ready to start training!!
    by: dnat448 on: 2014/04/08
  • 3/20/14

    Hit a wall on weight loss with healthy eating, can't get below the 180-183 mark. Finally joined gym this week. Lifted some 3/18, Started day one of sites exercise plan today, went relatively well, no went awesome! Arms feel like rubber! Even ran ...
    by: foust130 on: 2014/03/20
  • Week 1

    Started my new diet on monday, and I am very motivated! Been yo-yoing on various diets since the new year, and I finally feel like I can stick to this and finally achieve some weight loss. I've been going to the gym for the past three days, ...
    by: emmar24 on: 2014/03/19
  • Making the first step

    On the 22/02/2014 I made the most important decission to visit a Diatician i order to get a eating plan so that I can start on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. She had put me in a high protein diet for the next two weeks, I will be posting my...
    by: tpmatoka on: 2014/02/25
  • want a big chest

    hello please suggest me the chest exercise schedule... i want a big chest?so please tell me the exercises and schedule of chest in a week?
    by: baban86 on: 2014/02/24
  • Proud

    There is nothing more rewarding than stepping on that scale after a long weekend and seeing a loss!  This makes me so proud of myself and also makes me realize i'm on the right track and I am able to do this!
    by: Cheller4 on: 2014/02/18
  • Surviving a weekend

    I live 1.5 hours away from my parents. It's close enough but far enough away.  I miss my family if I don't see them often but I tend to cheat and throw my diet to the wind when I go home for the weekend.  My parents and sister are all over weight ...
    by: Cheller4 on: 2014/02/10
  • This is MY year

    Well here goes my very first Flog: It's only the second month of the year but I am feeling motivated to make this my year.  By that I mean making it a year that I can look back on and say that's where I started to live the life I always wanted....
    by: Cheller4 on: 2014/02/06
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