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Beginning Of Week 3

Posted on: 2017/08/07, 04:05 AM by: Mo_sz
So far, so good, I can already notice the differences from working out to this plan. It's pretty amazing if i/m going to be honest, I'm slowly trying to push myself more and more by slowly increasing the weights and sometimes adding on a couple or a few extra reps. Occupying myself in the gym has also taken my mind off other things, it's helping with my confidence and my attitude towards life in general as I'm realising now that there are things that are worth and are not worth my time. Sounds brutal yet it's the truth. To progress even further I need to start a dieting plan which incorporates a large amount of protein in order to sustain my muscle mass. Wish Me Luck!


  • [Former member] 2017/08/07
    Good luck in what your trying to accomplish..