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  • Here we go again

    Welp. I keep returning to FreeTrainers because I love this program and it worked for me back in the day. I am heavier than ever...185lbs now. Maybe closer to 190...I haven't checked in about a week.  I participated in my second half marathon ye...
    by: on: 2020/06/22
  • Life happens, NO EXCUSE!

    Today is June 11'2019. I'm trying to get back on track with my goals but I let life happened to be my excuse to not take care of myself! I'm so tired of starting over SO I'm recommitting to working out and eating healthy whole foods. My addicti...
    by: CGMoore on: 2019/06/11
  • Day 1

    I had a really rough day and I kept thinking about how uncomfortable I'm with my body, so I decided to make a change in my life, at this point I have tried but not giving 110% of myself, so here I'm ready for giving the 200%, until I get to my goa...
    by: slatsmarley on: 2018/12/17
  • Day 0

    I am starting this FLOG out on day 0. Day 0 because I am not doing anything today. I should be waiting to start my fitness journey until after October because right now I am staying at my aunts house and I do not have any healthy food. But my issu...
    by: raftergirl on: 2018/10/14
  • Brand New

    Hi everyone, I wanted to thank those of you who made this possible to access without a subscription. I am a member of a gym but, dont know how to form my own routine. This gives me all the information I need to succeed and I am so excited to ge...
    by: helfline on: 2018/02/07
  • Tomorrow

    Tomorrow I i being my journey of being health, confinident, and unstoppable. I am ready!!
    by: ButterflyENic on: 2018/01/05
  • Day one...... again.

    It's been a good year since Ibe really hit for the gym and I can tell. It will be doff cult to get up and go now being that I have a one year old but I need to be in good shape so I can stick around and watch him grow, it's also necessary for my s...
    by: Battletoad24 on: 2017/08/23
  • My first day

    18/07/2017 After years of avoiding going to the gym my lazy ass is back. Fist group class ever and after 45 min of sweaty pain BodyPump is now on my to do list. Tomorrow is time for cardio and core Wish me luck
    by: Knikt on: 2017/07/19
  • Rest Day

    I woke up today feeling lazy. I decided to spend the day being productive. Today is also the day that I joined the free trainers community. I am feeling very excited about this adventure!
    by: kristy_annnn on: 2017/05/10
  • You're getting old

    Probably shouldn't be out of breath after 10 minutes of basketball! Time to get back in shape.
    by: awiatr8 on: 2017/05/09
  • Getting Started!

    Excited to start the new at home program! I can't wait to see the results I get.
    by: christinarori on: 2017/04/03
  • Getting started

    I'm looking at doing the 12 week mass program, anyone thinking it looks a little light on exercises? not many different machines or different stations? Any advice? Jacob
    by: Jaacob91 on: 2017/03/09
  • The Journey Starts!

    So I am a young guy who wrecked a nice life by not doing anything physical since I was 16-ish. I have 2 kids and started feeling extremely fatigue after running after them for like 3 minutes and had just enough about it. I decided it was time t...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/02/21
  • The beginning

    The time has come to make a concerted start to the fitness.
    by: trinirja on: 2017/01/11
  • Hello....

    Good Evening All You Fit Family.... Just a quick Hello :-)  Although can we upload a profile photo? Am having trouble in doing so if you can.
    by: NicFit76 on: 2016/10/06
  • Intro

    i just signed up and picked my first workout.
    by: spottsee11 on: 2016/06/27
  • Day One

    So, I have been trying to eat healthier and add a little more active activities to my life for almost two weeks now, but decided to rejoin this site since things like this seem to work better when you have a community of people around who share th...
    by: GoderichGuy on: 2015/12/18
  • Starting back

    It's beena very stressful year.  I am a stress eater and slacked on my workouts.  I gained LOTS of weight.  Ready to hit it hard and plan on writing daily.  Good bye thunder thighs.....
    by: jfilmeck on: 2015/10/23
  • Captain's Flog Stardate 61215

    Still working. Feeling tired after yesterday's moving experiences.  Thought I'd start off with a Freya's Friday of rest to really get going.  Wooh!
    by: flubmuffin on: 2015/06/12
  • Life Changes!!

    I went through so many changes last year. My Husband left me, i dont know if it was becuase of weight or not but i feel that was the reason in my  humble opinnion. Right after he left from just depression alone i lost 40lbs, and i was super happy ...
    by: Brystensmom on: 2015/04/04
  • its only the begining

    just hit P90X ab RIPPER hard! ew ah oh yay ew ah feels good!
    by: bradenderrick on: 2015/03/02
  • Starting Over Again

    I only had eight intermediate circuit training sessions for October. The last was on the 16th. A quite long break... I just added the advanced circuit training on my calendar. And, wow! Only the abdominal workouts have a resting period between ...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/29
  • The beginning

    Well, saying goes, "Alls well that ends well", but so does, a motivated beginning leads to a motivated result oriented end.
    by: Puja00 on: 2014/10/15
  • Feelin' Great!

    I did it! The universe has been cooperative today :) Look. I have work at 9pm; went to the gym at 5pm. As I have achieved the 45-second-max rests on my last circuit training, I observed that I can complete the entire routine - including warm...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/09
  • just starting

    ''no matter what we do we have to keep on moving and trying''  i am a type of a person that gives up but i am so not going ro give up now thats for sure since i got a planner thing TY!!!! <3  ;)
    by: juk90 on: 2014/09/16
  • Where's the APP?

    To whom this may concern, I have been very eager to work out these last couple days, especially after I found the site!  I cant wait to get working on my program!  However, I would love to see an App in the works, it would be helpful and a lot ...
    by: JarHead4Lyfe95 on: 2014/09/10
  • going great

    I have lost 2 inches of body fat so im great. been working out hard not really changing my diet to much. atleast i am feeling healthy now. almost time for fishing tournaments so hopefully they will go great this year.
    by: stevewit34 on: 2014/05/03
  • Day 1

    Done all the house work and got everything sorted! Feeling motivated all day! Then my dad comes home and picks an argument so if I was already motivated for the gym I'm even more so now!, gym buddy isn't getting back to me so looks like a hard ind...
    by: Abihope on: 2014/05/01
  • Lets do it

    Can not belive i found this website! This is exactly what i needed. I am still young and i have alot of time to improve my body. I am not just doing this to look better for my girlfriend and family but i am ready to be healthier over all. I play f...
    by: Ashley_jr on: 2014/04/18
  • Starting information

    Today I start my workout program... I am really excited but a little nervous at the same time... My starting weight is 201 and that is what has made me decide to get in shape and I'm not getting any younger... I am going to push my self as far as ...
    by: K.mcnally1 on: 2014/03/30
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