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Day 0

Posted on: 2018/10/14, 07:42 PM by: raftergirl
I am starting this FLOG out on day 0. Day 0 because I am not doing anything today. I should be waiting to start my fitness journey until after October because right now I am staying at my aunts house and I do not have any healthy food. But my issue is comitment, so I decided fuck it i will start the actual excercise part right now. When ever I start a diet I always start out great eating wise but I can never make a commitment to exercise because I do not know where to start. I found this website and it automatically generated workouts based on how I can workout. I have a gym membership but I am extremely self concious when it comes to workoing out so I want to get fit and then go to the gym. Sounds weird I know but if your are a plus size girl like me you dont want to be runnning on the treadmil next to some skinny little girl who is wearing nothing but leggings and a sports bra, that shit hurts.

I really want to dedicate myself to working out, i know it just starts with me getting my ass up out of the bed off hulu and working out. Pray for me who ever reads this.