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  • I am trying to love myself

    I am a very fat girl always have been, it sucks to the point that my body disgusts me. The most I have ever weighed is 109kgs, which I brought it down to 97kgs but now I am going back where it was I already weigh 104kg again. I hate it, I hate mak...
    by: nbutt585 on: 2020/12/25
  • First Skipped Workout

    It's already going there. I skipped my first workout yesterday. That would usually sound pretty good, but yesterday would have been the third day I did this workout, so... Yeah, I know what you're thinking: 'this person's so terrible to skip a ...
    by: Oompichka on: 2020/12/08
  • Day 0

    Setup schedule, presently 130 lbs. Workout tomorrow.
    by: vcrespo on: 2020/11/18
  • idk

    230 pounds
    by: Sam_A on: 2020/08/14
  • Starting Again

    At 50, I'm starting to feel like an old man. This isolation has had me off all old routines and how quickly things have fallen apart. Up to 197 lbs and what strength I did have is gone. Searching for something to help. I'll give this a shot. The g...
    by: NotYourBish on: 2020/06/27
  • New me

    I've tried this a million times. I'm going to try again. I need this.
    by: Sarahmj88 on: 2020/06/12
  • I don't know

    I have no earthly idea what im doing Im so sensitive right now about my body size and I don't see myself as beautful no matter how many time people tell me because to me there a difference between people thing im beautful and me thing im beautful....
    by: Samantha2020 on: 2020/06/07
  • Getting back into it.

    Tomorrow is the day, all the gyms are opening as the stay-at-home order in Arizona is lifted. I am excited to get back into it, but I am worried that I will not stay motivated. I just joined EOS fitness a couple days ago, and before the pandemic I...
    by: kaylahhampton1 on: 2020/05/17
  • Day 1

    Day 1 gonna start soon will post a bit later
    by: Kailuma25 on: 2020/04/10
  • the pity

    right now I'm eating so boom chicka pop (its the bomb too) sweetand savory thinking about how perfect mystomach used to be I had a tummy ring looked awsome in midriffs now all I got is boody do.. (ask a close friend from chicago) feeling li...
    by: g2strtsomewhere on: 2019/05/31
  • Newbie

    Hi, I'm sundew and I'm new here. This is my first time on a fitness app. Any fitness app, this is actually my first time in 21 years gaining weight and I'm sort of lost as to how to reduce it. Hoping to look for advice from any of you.
    by: Sundew_97 on: 2019/04/19
  • Newbie

    Hi, I'm sundew and I'm new here. This is my first time on a fitness app. Any fitness app, this is actually my first time in 21 years gaining weight and I'm sort of lost as to how to reduce it. Hoping to look for advice from any of you.
    by: Sundew_97 on: 2019/04/19
  • Day 1

    Today was the first actual day of tracking for me. I did about 15 mins of actual activity but had a lazy day for the most part it's been a crappy day at eating I had half a gallon of sweet tea and 2 burritos for dinner and 4 eggs with salsa in tor...
    by: Angelboys3 on: 2019/03/23
  • stress

    I am being evicted, I lost my best frriend and I have a job I love--that is coming to an end very soon. But I am still working out and trying to stay away from my sugar addiction. That's not going so well. I keep going, I keep doing. It's who I am...
    by: awheatl1 on: 2019/03/23
  • The beginning

    Overweight and uncomfortable. Getting tired all the time Eating to much
    by: robertpowell on: 2019/03/11
  • First day

    so I saw the results one of my friends got from working out and I decided I really needed to crack down so I have my plate app and I'm on a 1501 calorie per day diet and this workout plan so let's hope for the best
    by: grayciealcott on: 2018/10/24
  • First Day

    Fat! I don’t want to look in the mirror an see what I’ve been seeing continue looking back at me. I’m sick of the fat that I’ve added to my body I want it off!
    by: Fatkate25 on: 2018/02/21
  • I'm confused

    hi I am skinny and I am new to this
    by: tezzeret on: 2018/02/02
  • Hello

    My name is Glen. I am 48 yoa. I medically retired from the US Army in 2014. I now work for the state of Missouri. I am marrired and have 3 teenage boys. They do keep us busy though between marching band activities and with baseball. Love to go fis...
    by: groussin on: 2018/01/07
  • Myself

    I’m a competitive swimmer, very self conscious of my legs and hips, I workout regularly but hide myself in big jumpers I never feel good enough and I feel down about it all the time
    by: Swimmergal2002 on: 2018/01/03
  • Injure

    Feeling a little bit down atm, have an injury around my hips... Can't train for 2 months.
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/06/27
  • First Entry

    With the weather so "awesome" its difficult to get motivated to even move never mind to exercise This is my first entry I've been going to Gym now for 1 week I had a bad scare the Thursday prior, was taken to hospital due to stress hernia...
    by: Amore88 on: 2017/06/11
  • Help

    I feel like i need major help I have no motivation and no support
    by: Bbgy_87 on: 2017/05/14
  • Just created Acount

    Hey! So today I created a acount and i'm so exited. I am going into 7th grade next year. I want to get skinny and toned for summer. I wanna look good in my bikini this summer.
    by: IzzyBella on: 2017/01/22
  • Motivation needed.

    I am at the bottom of the barrel. January brings my worst time and my seasonal disorder. I have everything I need to get moving however my couch wins 99% of the time. Anyone else feel this way? With the cold weather I always find an excuse to ...
    by: slecleir on: 2017/01/05
  • My first flog!

    Hey guys ! This is me nivea , trying to lose some fat . After hell lot of sweets and junk today . *sigh*
    by: Nivea1998 on: 2016/12/27
  • Newbie

    So I'm a newbie to this site but not exactly new to the gym scene. I go to my schools workout room every day Monday through Friday. I have for a few weeks. But I don't know what to do in there and feel pathetic so I only use the treadmill. Now I u...
    by: WishToBePretty on: 2016/11/18
  • motation look up day

    I have yo yoed my why to 156 lb i can not remember the last time i weighed under 120
    by: demonsfire on: 2016/09/17
  • Starting Over for the MILLIONTH Time

    So about 6 weeks ago, I started doing a certain 12-week workout program and was not satisfied with the progressive results. The workouts made me feel like I was indeed doing something but what I was seeing in the mirror made me hate myself more an...
    by: MelBelle28 on: 2016/08/30
  • The first step

    Hi! I am Umang. I am 29 years old, weigh 86 kgs and live my days parked in front of the tv or in bed. I have not exercised ever! I feel depressed and trapped. I have been spending the last year ignoring all of this but I think it's time to ta...
    by: Umangsharma on: 2016/07/26
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