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  • Project April: Entry #2

    Second week of taking pictures and I really hope that there is a difference, even if it is minor. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but on the other hand it would be nice for my self esteem. Its hard to workout at my size and it makes me self...
    by: QueenRose238 on: 2015/06/10

    So I am new just started and my first workout is tomorrow. I am 21 years old and want to get in better shape for me. I don't feel healthy and feel tired all the time. I know I need to loose wait but it's hard as a college kid with little money. I ...
    by: jinx93 on: 2014/06/26
  • Gaining weight &Tone Up

    I move around alot at my job..I was thinking what do you all think that could help me gain weight or tone up instead of losing weight because I do a lot of walking around and moving
    by: smartgirl24 on: 2014/02/27
  • 1st month down and I am fired up

    So at age 43 and almost 40lbs overweight I decided to change my eating habbits and joined 2 gyms.  One at work and one at my apartment (no excuses)...  I dropped drinking cokes totally from my diet and only drink water, lots of it, with the MIO dr...
    by: djjasonjensen on: 2013/06/23
  • what i eat

    i want to start next week with a change
    by: Chanel8 on: 2013/05/23

    Well im Abel im only 25 years old. I always been a chubby guy. Jajajaja since i was a little kid. Now im married going for 2 years married. I weight 360lbs, and im starting to feel kinda sick. I truly want to loose weight, 100 pounds or more if po...
    by: abelavila on: 2013/01/18
  • Intro

    Heyy All! My Name is Vasilia and I am going to be 23 years old. The reason for me to be joining this site is to get my life on track. I have a goal to get down to a size 12 from a size 24. I know it wont be done in a day, but it is possible! I hav...
    by: vpatsourakis on: 2012/08/13
  • Help!!!

    For the past few months I have been eating right and working out 3 to 5 days a week and the scale still reads the same. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I've lost almost 40 lbs so far but I haven't lost anything in the last 3 months. Feeli...
    by: Msavababy on: 2012/07/08
  • Getting started!! 

    Hey everybody!!!!! I'm just starting this program and I'm DYING for it To work!!!! I'm psyched about doing my workout tomorrow!!! Although I swim, play basketball, walk, and eat healthy I find it very hard to lose the extra fat on my st...
    by: SingerGirl611 on: 2012/06/24
  • I'm a real fatty

    Can't wait to start getting back in shape. Sucks being this fat. Of every thing I ever thought would be a problem for me FAT was not ever on my list. HATE it. Also want to get up earlier n go bed earlier n have more energy n spend good time with m...
    by: kimbrownpoe on: 2012/11/04
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