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Well...I'm back

Posted on: 2015/01/05, 10:50 PM by: i.am.mrs.olney
So far, this is the only program that I have seen results from.  

I got here almost a year ago, and was doing this program for a couple of months.  I lost 20lbs!  :-) I don't know what happened, but for whatever reason I stopped.  I honestly don't remember why...I think I may have got bored and decided to try something new.  

Well, whatever "something new" was, it sent me on the downward spiral of "stagnant". I suppose it wasn't a downward spiral, because I didn't actually go anywhere.  I still have the 20lbs off...sometimes more like 15...but I guess that is good news, right?? 

So, I finally wisened up.  This is the only thing that worked for me, so I am back at it.  

I also meet with a Beach Body coach to work out with their programs twice a week.  We stopped over the holidays and are just getting back in the groove. I was introduced to Les Mills Combat.  I LOVE Combat!  But I threw my back out when I started that program, so I have been hesitant to get back at it...I will though.  I needed to start somewhere, so I am here. I think I will do combat on the side.  :-) 

Glad to be back.  If any LADIES would like to add me, feel free.  I would love some accountability buddies and just friends. :-) 

~~~Kristy ~~~