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  • Next day FU after Monday (2018-06-25) workout

    Slept 4.5 hours, a bit tired from lack of sleep, mood is ok. Sore abs, adductors, hamstrings, and gluteus. Can barely walk straight up. Looking forward to today's workouts.
    by: ttvpro007 on: 2018/06/26
  • And so it starts...

    So for the last few months or so after a rather hard period; which started with the loss of my mother; I have just been sitting on my backside complaining about getting more and more unfit.  So last night I had a moment of clarity...I have to do s...
    by: Chorkzseb on: 2018/05/09
  • Progress

    I feel like it's hard to see progress until it just happens. This can be really discouraging though especially if you feel like you're going to the gym regularly and do not see results. I am still in that weird balance of trying to finish up schoo...
    by: DBrynn on: 2018/04/17
  • Fitish

    It's been a couple of years since I started my fitness journey. I have most definetly gained a whole lot of muscle, a whole lot of experience and a whole lot of dissapointment through failure to commit. I resorted back to this plan because some...
    by: Sydmarinie on: 2018/03/07
  • New

    Hey there! I've just started today and I'm pumped about the way they handle things here. I hope to reach my goal of not having belly fat anymore and gaining more muscle strength to help me further with swimming since I'm a competitive swimmer. Ho...
    by: pizza2001 on: 2018/03/03
  • First Day

    Fat! I don’t want to look in the mirror an see what I’ve been seeing continue looking back at me. I’m sick of the fat that I’ve added to my body I want it off!
    by: Fatkate25 on: 2018/02/21
  • Brand New

    Hi everyone, I wanted to thank those of you who made this possible to access without a subscription. I am a member of a gym but, dont know how to form my own routine. This gives me all the information I need to succeed and I am so excited to ge...
    by: helfline on: 2018/02/07
  • I'm confused

    hi I am skinny and I am new to this
    by: tezzeret on: 2018/02/02
  • Its a new adventure

    Im really going to give it all ,im starting my journey on monday ,5th feb 2018
    by: AshenlordxxXx on: 2018/02/02
  • Hello

    My name is Glen. I am 48 yoa. I medically retired from the US Army in 2014. I now work for the state of Missouri. I am marrired and have 3 teenage boys. They do keep us busy though between marching band activities and with baseball. Love to go fis...
    by: groussin on: 2018/01/07
  • Tomorrow

    Tomorrow I i being my journey of being health, confinident, and unstoppable. I am ready!!
    by: ButterflyENic on: 2018/01/05
  • Myself

    I’m a competitive swimmer, very self conscious of my legs and hips, I workout regularly but hide myself in big jumpers I never feel good enough and I feel down about it all the time
    by: Swimmergal2002 on: 2018/01/03
  • Cheating already

    Been skimping out on workouts these last couple days because I've had a really bad stomach bug but let's see what tomorrow brings..
    by: Sarahjeanbaby92 on: 2017/12/12
  • New Chapter

    I have that head space where I know I can get into this, I’ve been in that mind set before but for some reason my motivation for getting there is dropping. I work a lot and my job, even though sounds quite hectic and on my feet, I end up sitting a...
    by: Ells214 on: 2017/11/28
  • Bye Free trainers.. Others keep doing what your doing...

    So now i know why i keep leaving this site.. i stay with the plan but gets to hectic with trying to update and keep track of gains made. Unless i keep going back and updating to keep track which is time consuming. Update the site where the workout...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/09/03
  • Day one...... again.

    It's been a good year since Ibe really hit for the gym and I can tell. It will be doff cult to get up and go now being that I have a one year old but I need to be in good shape so I can stick around and watch him grow, it's also necessary for my s...
    by: Battletoad24 on: 2017/08/23
  • A long way to go

    I have added my own stretches in between exercises in my workout plan to meet my needs. I have fibromyalgia, and my goal is the improve my physical strength and flexibility. I am also hoping to gain the added advantage of feeling more energized th...
    by: JulySquirrel on: 2017/08/01
  • 1ST DAY...

    Getting back into it. Starting off light which is very discouraging. Was lifting so much until shoulder issues and knee issues but slowly i will get it back. I just need to take my time.. It will come easier as days go by, i know this.. just have...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/07/31
  • Hey y'all

    Well hi :-) i'm ky and I'm new here  My main goal is to lose a little bit more fat and start to tone my body  I work out 7 days a week on top of being a swim instructor  I love having people to motivate me and support me and I will do the same ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/07/20
  • Fell like dieing

    19/07-72017 Day 2 and first day in the gym with my new exercice routine. My arms feel like jello and i don't know how am i draging my ass to the gym today but i feel good, doing something for myself. Good training everyone, hugs
    by: Knikt on: 2017/07/20
  • My first day

    18/07/2017 After years of avoiding going to the gym my lazy ass is back. Fist group class ever and after 45 min of sweaty pain BodyPump is now on my to do list. Tomorrow is time for cardio and core Wish me luck
    by: Knikt on: 2017/07/19
  • Back at it.

    So, last year I got into a big weight loss fit, joined Planet Fitness and lost about 20 pounds, but with the hours my work was giving me, I had to stop and just never got back into it. So I finally decided I'm going to start back and do it the rig...
    by: mwill94 on: 2017/07/09
  • Summer holiday... food, lounging around, food...

    It has been a while and returned from an awesome holiday. It basically consisted out of eating food, sleeping, being driven around the country, and more delicious food. We did not even have to carry our own luggage. Not lifting one finger! And...
    by: MJK86 on: 2017/07/05
  • My First Day!

    I am so excited to finally find something that will work for me! I plan to go into the U.S. Army once I graduate from high school next year and I hope that this will help me get fit for my future! Very very excited to start!!
    by: laneyjade123 on: 2017/06/30
  • Injure

    Feeling a little bit down atm, have an injury around my hips... Can't train for 2 months.
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/06/27
  • Newbie here getting back into it!

    Hey everyone! I'm new here and I love this site! Back in my 20s (34 now) I was 220 and dropped to 150 by doing small exercises and eating better. Well, I gained almost all that back 203 lbs now. Recently diagnosed with kinda put things ...
    by: bluetulip21 on: 2017/06/22
  • First Entry

    With the weather so "awesome" its difficult to get motivated to even move never mind to exercise This is my first entry I've been going to Gym now for 1 week I had a bad scare the Thursday prior, was taken to hospital due to stress hernia...
    by: Amore88 on: 2017/06/11
  • Mental Hurdles

    I have always done sports in high school and college. In colege I rowed on my university's crew team. I am trying to figureout if I want to continue rowing or just go to the gym to get/stay in shape. I have recently reached a mental hurdle in crew...
    by: jonescm96 on: 2017/06/05
  • Hola mis amigos

    Hola. New here. First time trying this site. I'm kinda nervous because the workout I've chosen is a lot. And I'm coming from a different type of lifestyle. I've been pretty active with a previous job. Like constantly moving and such, but I've...
    by: Chapina716923 on: 2017/06/05
  • Wow...

    I have at least 100 lbs to lose - just to get to the over weight catagory for my BMI...  I'm tired of being the over filled dough muffin top - it isn't a muffin top - it's a whole frickin bakery...  Not taking it to heart and now - last 6 months -...
    by: Shiloah on: 2017/06/01
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