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Posted on: 2017/07/09, 06:35 PM by: mwill94
So, last year I got into a big weight loss fit, joined Planet Fitness and lost about 20 pounds, but with the hours my work was giving me, I had to stop and just never got back into it. So I finally decided I'm going to start back and do it the right way with the help of Free Trainers. I'm 5'7" and weigh 195 lbs. Hopefully that will change soon..


  • redabast redabast 2017/07/13
    Hi, hope all good for you I am almost the same like you I am now 202 lb (92 kg), 5'10" or 178 cm and 5 month ago was 110 kg, started gym and hopefully will continue with diet plan but the last month no more weight loss. I do workouts 4-5 a week, my body form has been changed and be better than it was 5 months ago with many changes in my life but I am still dreaming to be 80 kg or 75 kg is it possible? So, may be I need nutritional and excercise plan to lean my body hopefully the free trainers will help me I tried to express my situation which is near to yours hope to get assistance and to exchange experiences I am an Egyptian, and happy to be a member of free trainers Thanks again and wish you all the best